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    PTE Coaching Sydney

    Looking to ace your PTE test? Englishfirm specialises in one-on-one PTE coaching Sydney residents can rely on. We believe individual classes for PTE preparation are the best way for students to achieve the best possible results.

    We offer several course options including four weeks of private PTE Academic training sessions, unlimited group sessions, as well as online PTE classes and crash courses for those needing results quickly.

    We will support you all the way up until your exam date, offering the best quality training available in Sydney. Whatever course option you choose you will be exam-ready by the time you finish your course. We offer proven and effective training including exam strategy, evaluation from mock tests, to practise questions, unlimited guidance and tailored feedback sessions throughout your course.

    PTe Classes
    PTE Coaching Englishfirm

    Your PTE Preparation in Sydney

    One-on-one Sydney PTE coaching is offered as a two or four-week course. You will be assigned a trainer who will take you through all the fundamentals of PTE Academic training. Classes are flexible and can be based on your availability. All four modules of the test will be covered in detail and you’ll have access to mock tests, unlimited practice sessions, and feedback from your teacher.

    Advanced unlimited classes run for as long as you need them to. This modality is designed for students who need to achieve a target PTE score to be accepted into a course or to apply for a visa. Everything covered in the standard four-week course will be covered, but you’ll be able to access classes, mock tests and teacher feedback indefinitely.

    In a busy city like Sydney where many are time-poor, we know that flexibility is a must for any PTE courses in Sydney. Therefore we offer online PTE classes on Zoom, face-to-face sessions at our Englishfirm centres, and hybrid options that combine both online and in-person classes.

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    PTE Course Options

    Private Classes

    In our experience, most students respond positively to private sessions and typically require fewer sessions than students who choose to attend group sessions only. We offer private classes in-person at our Sydney PTE training centre and online through Zoom. Both are structured in the same way and offer exceptional coaching.

    Unlimited Group Classes

    If you need to achieve a certain PTE score in order to apply for higher education or possibly for a visa, we offer unlimited classes that will last as long as required until you achieve your target result. We offer full access to classes and resources for the entire duration of your unlimited classes in Sydney.

    Limited-Time Group Classes

    Group classes usually run over a four or eight week period and can accommodate 20-50 students, both in-person in Sydney and online. This is our most economical offering as the class-based training is more generalised. This is a good option if you’re a confident English speaker who requires some refreshing before undertaking PTE Academic.

    Crash Classes

    Designed specifically for Sydney students who have limited time to prepare for their PTE Academic test. We provide the same information, feedback, and exam strategies as our other courses within a shorter time frame, so the student must be dedicated to getting through the coursework quickly. As with all our courses, we offer online and in-person options.

    Why Choose Englishfirm for PTE Training in Sydney?

    Englishfirm trainers are highly qualified, friendly, and flexible. Test takers can be confident they’re in safe hands with our tried and tested PTE coaching Sydney-siders can trust. Demand for PTE coaching in Sydney has grown exponentially in recent years, so choosing the right course can be overwhelming.

    We’re proud to be a company run by experienced trainers offering a highly personalised coaching service for those seeking the best possible PTE training. We provide test takers with real-world strategies that are not only going to help them ace the exam, but assist them in progressing in English language proficiency.

    We offer obligation-free demonstrations so you can get an idea of how the coaching will be delivered before you commit. Book your free consultation by clicking the button below.

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    What if you could get top marks in your PTE Academic?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is PTE Academic?

    The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English test that is designed for non-native English speakers. The test is dedicated to assessing and validating the use of the English language and ensuring that students speaking English as a second language has the requisite English level skills required to apply for university courses in English speaking countries – like in Australia.

    How do I sit a PTE test?

    PTE academic tests are completed online through a computer-based program for testing. The test will examine proficiency in reading and listening to English over a course of three hours. Students will be required to submit voice notes as part of the exam which will be sent off for examination and grading purposes.

    A key advantage of PTE testing is fast turnaround and results for students. Unlike some testing which can take weeks or months to hear back from, the online element of the exam ensures fast results for test takers.

    Who accepts PTE results?

    PTE academic results are accepted by most universities around the world. The PTE academic score required for admission into tertiary education programs will depend on the institution that you apply with, and the course that you plan to complete. At the time of writing, Australia and New Zealand accept PTE test results for the purposes of immigration into the country.

    Who is eligible to sit the PTE Academic test?

    Students that are looking to move abroad to further their tertiary studies or migrate to Australia or New Zealand may sit the test. Test takers that complete the test should be at least 16-years of age, however, students that are under the age of 18 will require a note from their parent or guardian at the time of the test. Your Sydney PTE coach will run you through all of the prerequisites and clearly explain the process and eligibility requirements to sit the PTE test in Sydney, Australia.

    Do you provide mock PTE tests?

    Yes! Mock tests or practice PTE tests are an essential element in preparing test takers for their examination. Tutors will provide you with immediate feedback and advice based on the outcome of the results and recommend whether or not a student is ready to sit their exam ahead of time.

    Why should I get PTE coaching Sydney?  

    PTE is a complex and stressful test. You must prove your abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English with a 2–3-hour period. You might think you can take the test without having training first, but training will give you an understanding of the structure of the test and will give you access to advanced strategies you can rely on when you’re nervous. When you consider each failed attempt will cost you around $375, attempting the test without some basic training is clearly a false economy.

    PTE exam preparation is the key to acing the computer based test and living the Australian dream. With the PTE experts at Englishfirm, you can get exam preparation that will improve oral fluency, reading and written discourse, and listening – enabling skills that will genuinely benefit you in the real world in Australia. Depending on the test date of your computer based test for PTE,  we can help you to get your desired score through our flexible timetable of classes. Whether you’re looking to study in Australia or you’re applying for a Visa, we help a wide range of students from other countries save time and money by giving them the best chance possible of achieving a high PTE score.

    How much should I spend on Sydney PTE coaching?

    As a test taker, you should spend as much as you can to make sure you feel confident and calm when you take the test. We’ve seen too many people take the Sydney PTE test without adequate training and fail. Although it might seem expensive at the beginning, spending money on repeated attempts at PTE is unnecessary and a waste of both your time and money.

    Instead of repeated attempts, you could spend between $500-$700 on basic PTE coaching and go into the test with confidence and a strategy for success. Achieving the results you require the first time around saves your valuable resources.

    How to choose the best PTE school in Sydney?

    A simple web search for “PTE school Sydney” will yield hundreds of results, so how do you choose the best coach for a great PTE score? At Englishfirm, we think it’s important you’re comfortable with your trainers and the course structure before you commit. We offer free demonstrations so that all our prospective students know exactly what to expect when the course starts. You can also get a sense of our teaching style and whether you’re comfortable with our methods. We also think it’s essential to ensure that all our students have full access to practice materials, mock tests, and teacher feedback to ensure they’re successful the first time around.

    How many Classes do I have to attend?

    The simple answer is – it depends! Everyone is different, so what works for one person might not be right for another. In general, we’ve found that most students need about ten hours of coaching and ten hours of practice to successfully complete PTE Academic. Having said that, there’s a vast difference between an hour spent in personal training and one spent in a class setting. Private sessions are, by their very nature, fully tailored to you and your particular needs.

    Can I attend PTE classes online?

    If your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend in-person classes, online sessions are a great alternative. Online classes are conducted on Zoom and follow the same structure as any other face-to-face class. There’s no reason to assume the quality of an online session will be any different, you can be confident you’ll receive the same guidance and information that you’d receive in a face-to-face class.

    What makes Englishfirm the best PTE training Sydney providers?

    Demand for PTE coaching Sydney has grown exponentially over the past two years, so choosing the right training organisation can be overwhelming. At Englishfirm we understand it’s a significant investment into your future, so it’s a decision worth getting right!

    We’re proud to be a company run by experienced trainers offering a highly personalised coaching service for test takers seeking the best possible results. We only teach techniques and strategies that are proven to be effective in helping our students achieve a high PTE score the first time around.

    Our team are highly experienced professionals who are passionate about helping students ace their exams. We offer obligation-free demonstrations so you can get an idea of how our training will work before you commit. Book your free consultation by clicking the button below.

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    Google Reviews – Englishfirm Students

    A heartfelt thank you to Nishitha and the entire team at Englishfirm. I scored 90 overall for my pte exam. Nishitha is an incredible tutor and guided in great detail. She was always there to encourage and support me throughout the process. The flexible classes and their templates were incredible useful for me.

    Gopika Aryad Avatar Gopika Aryad
    December 20, 2023

    Today I am glad to share the experience of my PTE journey that I am able to achieve 7 each in all modules within 1 month and all credit goes to Nikitha and Nishita for the help and full support. You guys are amazing and very helpful. Thanks for everything.

    Devi Rana Avatar Devi Rana
    December 20, 2023

    I got allover 59 in my PTE just in one week. Their templates are so easy to memories and learn. I went there just only a week. They are so helpful and their technic of teaching is awsome. I definitely recommend them. Without their help I couldn't get that mark. I was really struggling with all of this, but I am happy that I got them Thank you so much guys.

    Swarnaa Bhowmick Avatar Swarnaa Bhowmick
    December 3, 2023

    Thank you englishfirm PTE for helping me getting my desired score.special thanks to Nitisha for being an amazing tutor.

    Pritu Jani Avatar Pritu Jani
    December 3, 2023


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