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    PTE Classes in Parramatta

    Englishfirm specialises in one-on-one PTE coaching in Parramatta. We believe giving students individual attention is the best way to help them achieve their desired results.  

    Our courses and classes can be customised to suit your needs, so you can take full advantage of our highly-qualified trainers without having to sacrifice time from your other commitments.

    Head trainer, Minisha James, is Sydney’s most sought-after PTE and IELTS coach and has mentored hundreds of successful students. Minisha has specifically designed our courses to give the maximum support needed for our students to achieve high scores of 79+.

    We give all our students access to certified Pearson software for mock tests, which will provide you with an accurate gauge of where you’re at in your preparation for the actual test. We also offer free access to all study material and will happily provide unlimited feedback. 

    At Englishfirm, we don’t just provide the best PTE coaching Parramatta has to offer, but we put in the effort to make sure each of our students achieves their desired result on the first attempt. Check out Patrick’s success story.

    PTe Classes
    PTE Coaching Englishfirm

    Why You Need PTE Coaching

    PTE is a complex test assessing your abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You need to prove your competency across all four areas over 2-3 hours. It’s a stressful experience that requires training and practice to be successful.

    You might be tempted to attempt the test without having any training first, but training will give you an understanding of the pattern the test follows and will give you access to advanced strategies so you can answer all questions within the allotted time frame. In the end, attempting the test blind is a false economy when you consider each failed attempt will cost you around $375.

    Preparation for PTE can take place in a variety of ways depending on a student’s circumstances.

    We’ve done our best to provide lots of online and offline options, so there’s something to suit everyone.

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    Our PTE Classes

    Private Classes

    In our experience, this is the most effective training method. Although private classes are relatively expensive, most students will need fewer of these sessions.

    Unlimited Group Classes

    Unlimited classes have no completion date, so students can attend classes for as long as it takes to get the PTE score they need.

    Limited-Time Group Classes

    Limited-time group classes last between 4-8 weeks and can accommodate 20-50 students in each class. This is our most economical course option.

    Crash Classes

    As the name suggests, crash classes are conducted only for students who have limited time to prepare for their PTE test. All the same information covered in our other courses is conveyed to the student but in a far more concentrated period.

    Why Choose Englishfirm for PTE Training in Parramatta?

    Demand for PTE coaching in Parramatta has grown exponentially over the past two years, so choosing the right training organisation can be overwhelming.

    At Englishfirmm we understand it’s a significant investment in your future, so it’s a decision worth getting right!

    We’re proud to be a company run by experienced trainers offering a highly personalised coaching service for those seeking the best possible classes for PTE Parramatta has to offer. We only teach techniques and strategies that are proven to be effective in helping our students achieve high scores the first time around.  

    Our team are highly experienced professionals who are passionate about helping students ace their exams.

    We offer obligation-free demonstrations so you can get an idea of how our training will work before you commit. Book your free consultation by clicking the button below. Book a free PTE consultation today.

    pte classes in parramatta

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    Mock Tests

    Practice Materials

    Repeated Questions

    What if you could get top marks in your PTE?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the Difference Between IELTS and PTE Coaching?

    Although PTE and IELTS are both English competency tests, they are fundamentally different. PTE is a fully computerised exam, meaning that the test is taken on a computer and the marking is done by a computer too. Even the speaking part of the exam is stored, interpreted, and scored by the computer using an inbuilt algorithm. Therefore preparation for PTE is quite different to an IELTS exam, which a human assessor usually marks. Preparation for PTE can be tailored to the PTE scoring guide, meaning that it’s relatively easy to prepare well. 

    PTE scores are available quickly, usually in less than five business days which is a huge advantage for candidates who need to submit their scores by a specific date for admission to a course or an urgent visa application. Paper-based IELTS exam results can take up to 13 days to receive. PTE scores are also easily transferable. Therefore if you do well in one section but fail another, you can re-take your weaker sections to help increase your overall marks.

    How to Choose the Best PTE Classes in Parramatta?

    A simple web search for “PTE classes Parramatta” will yield hundreds of results, so how can you choose the best PTE classes for you? At Englishfirm, we think it’s important you’re comfortable with your trainers and the course structure before you commit.

    We offer free demonstrations so that all our prospective students know exactly what to expect when the course starts. Students can also get a sense of our teaching style and whether they’re comfortable with our methods. We also think it’s essential to ensure that all our students have full access to practice materials, mock tests, and teacher feedback to ensure they’re successful the first time around.

    How Much Should I Spend on PTE Coaching?

    We’ve seen all too many test-takers attempt PTE without adequate preparation and come away unsuccessful. Although it might seem expensive to invest in coaching initially, spending money on repeat attempts at PTE is unnecessary and wasteful.  

    Instead, you could spend between $500-$700 on basic PTE coaching and go into the test with confidence and a strategy for success. Achieving the results you require the first time around saves both money and time, making PTE coaching in Parramatta a wise investment.

    How Many Classes Do I Have to Attend?

    On average, we’ve found that students need around 10 hours of coaching and 10 hours of practice to complete PTE successfully; however, this isn’t set in stone and can vary from student to student. It’s important to note that one hour with a personal trainer is vastly different to one hour in a class setting. Private sessions are, by their nature, fully customisable and the perfect forum for a student to ask questions and have their concerns cleared up.  

    Are Online PTE Classes Worth It? 

    If you’re not able to attend PTE classes in Parramatta in person, online classes are a fantastic option. Both online and face-to-face classes are one-on-one and structured exactly the same way so students can be confident they’re getting the same information and instruction. Another advantage of online classes is that they’re super flexible and can be scheduled according to student availability.

    Parramatta is a thriving metropolis attracting people from all over the world, as such there’s always a huge demand for PTE classes in and around the area. For some people, directly communicating with their instructor in person may be the best way to learn. Immigrants typically have to take PTE to prove their English competency for work, education, or residency, so there may be advantages of attending classes face-to-face to make assimilation easier.

    PTE Coaching Parramatta: Resources

    There are many free and paid resources available online purporting to help you study for PTE, but it can be a challenge to determine which ones are worth investing in and which aren’t. To ensure our quality of teaching remains high, all our students (both online and in-person) have access to the resources listed in the section below. This includes practice materials and questions, tutorial videos, mock tests, podcasts and a special PTE study group. Every student also has access to a revision class and pre-exam consultation. You’ll be as prepared as possible, and we’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with the training you receive.

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    Google Reviews – Englishfirm Students

      5 star review  Very useful tips and tricks to get high scores. Thanks to Nimisha and all staff. I did not practice enough and got required Score.

      thumb Gurprit Saini
      May 24, 2021

      5 star review  I got more than required in PTE for my nursing registration. Nimisha ?made me confident in applying strategies in my PTE. She simplified PTE so much and made it easy to grasp. And most importantly she motivated me and always encouraged me. There are no words that can describe how great Nimisha is. I would not have been confident in the exam without her guidance. I 100% recommend English firm ❤️They amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggg ????

      thumb Diana Amanoel
      May 14, 2021

      5 star review  I'm Reilly thankful to you ? Really appreciate your professional gesture To elevate the English skills n Assist to achieve more than desire score Thank You again ☺️?

      April 28, 2021

      5 star review  I joined another institution and wrote PTE exam multiple times. But I always faced difficulty in my speaking because my pronunciation score was very less. Although, finally I joined this center via online class and continued my practice. Then, I wrote my PTE exam after 2 week. I got my desired score in speaking and reading.. so that, I can clear my PTE exam. Thank you so much. Nimisha madam and other teams for your valuable support and guidance.

      thumb Shanty PK
      April 20, 2021


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