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Englishfirm offers custom made face to face & online One on One sessions. Book a free demo with us to understand the course structure, fees, trainer & the areas you have to focus on PTE preparation. Time is flexible for the course.

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PTE Preparation Programs

One on One PTE Preparation - 10 hours

Englishfirm offers custom made face to face & online One on One sessions. Book a free demo with us to understand the course structure, fees, trainer & the areas you have to focus on PTE preparation. Time is flexible for the course.

Group PTE Preparation - 2 weeks

Englishfirm offers custom made face to face & online group sessions. Contact us to understand more about the course, fees & timing. 

Long term Test Prep - Unlimited

Englishfirm offers an unlimited course for PTE. We recommend the course for students who have not booked the exam and may appear after 2 months. Contact us to understand more about the course, fees & timing. 

Mock tests & unlimited feedbacks - 8 mock tests

Englishfirm offers 8 mock tests for PTE with evaluation and feedbacks. Contact us to get the 8 mock tests.

Crash Course

Englishfirm encourages crash course for PTE test takers who are busy with their daily schedule. Course is just for 1 day and time is flexible.

1 hour Session - Special Class (Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

Englishfirm offers custom made face to face & online group sessions just for 1 hour. Our trainers will teach the topics which you want to cover.  Contact us to understand the fees

PTE Scoring Guide

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is an international computer-based English language test. Here, the test taker’s proficiency in English language is assessed through a set of listening, reading, speaking and writing tests. The scoring process of the test can be a little complicated to most of us. In this article, I will try explaining the scoring procedure in a simpler manner.

  1. The scoring is automated.
  2. The overall score range is between 10 and 90. This score is based on the performance on all the test items.
  3. The skills tested are listening, reading, speaking and writing out of which, each skill is scored out of 90.
  4. In speaking and writing assessment, skills such as grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse are tested as well.
  5. The items are scored on correctness and quality of the response. Quality of the response is represented through enabling skills. For e.g. in the item Re-tell lecture, the response is scored on skills such as oral fluency and pronunciation.
  6. There are basically 3 types of scoring in the assessment.
    • Correct or incorrect scoring, where 1 score point will be awarded if the answer is right and no score points are given if the answer is incorrect. For example, in Answer Short Question, 1 point is awarded for the right answer.
    • Partial credit, where maximum score is given if the answer is right and less than the maximum score is given if the answer is partially right. For example, in Fill in the Blanks, score is awarded for each right answer and no score for incorrect answer.
    • There is another type of scoring where there is negative marking. However the minimum score would still be zero for that question. For example, in Multiple–choice, choose multiple answers, points are awarded for each right answer and negative marks for each wrong answer. For instance if you choose 2 right answers and 2 wrong answers among the options, the total score for that question would be 0.

These are some of the basic things to know about the scoring in PTE, which will help you prepare for the exam more efficiently.

Reading Tips

  • Reading is an integral part of PTE. The reading section of the exam has five types of questions which includes fill in the blanks, MCQ and reorder paragraphs. Although the array of questions can be overwhelming, with a few tricks and tips you can easily answer the questions correctly.
  • The first and foremost thing that helps you score in reading section is reading itself. Start by reading small articles and blogs. Anything that would catch your attention will do; be it periodicals, magazines, newspapers etc.
  • Another way to score well in reading section is by paying attention to grammar rules. Grammar is a crucial part in reading assessment. By being through in grammar you can easily score points and thereby increase your overall score. Try doing simple grammar exercises which are available online as it would help you improve your English language skills tremendously.

Writing Tips

  • Writing component of PTE can be a tad intimidating as this component has time constraints as well. This component consists of summarizing a given text and writing an essay on a given topic.
  • The best way to prepare for this is by practising. Practicing and reading incessantly is the key to cracking the writing part of PTE. Summarizing is basically writing the gist of the passage given, so try understanding the concept and then explain it in a simpler form using key words from the passage.
  • Another most important thing to be noted is, ALWAYS stick to the word limit given. Essay writing can seem to be a tedious work but by reading avidly, essay writing becomes as easy as pie. Jot down your thoughts on the given topic and then start writing the essay in an organised manner starting with an introduction and ending with a conclusion.
  • While doing the writing component, it is very important to be mindful of time as this assessment is timed. Practicing with a timer will help you manage time efficiently.

Speaking Tips

  • Speaking component in PTE basically evaluates your communication skills. This component focuses on your pronunciation and fluency. Usually people tend to find more difficulty in this section as it involves a lot of talking and listening. But fret not! Speaking can be done effortlessly with practice and a few tips.
  • Speaking session consists of read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image, re-tell lecture and answer short question. The most important thing to focus in speaking is to make sure you speak without pause. Stammering can affect your score. Continuous and fluent conversation earns you points. This can be achieved only through consistent practice and mock tests. Make yourself familiar with the questions in the mock test so that it will be easier for you during the test.
  • Another thing to focus is that, you should be loud and clear while speaking. If you speak in a feeble voice the computer might not process your voice and you might end up losing point for that question despite answering correctly. Be at your confident best for this assessment as it will positively impact your score.

Listening Tips

  • Listening is a significant part of PTE. This component contributes largely to the overall score. It includes summarize spoken text, fill in the blanks, MCQs, write from dictation etc.
  • Listening part of PTE can be little tough as it demands your full attention and concentration during the test. Often people find it difficult to understand the accent thus making listening component difficult. This problem can be solved only through familiarizing yourself with their accent.
  • Watching English movies or series and listening to their music can help to a large extent. Try watching it without subtitles and try to understand what they say. Another way is practicing the model questions. Consistent practice will help you to tackle the listening part of PTE.


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