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PTE Online Coaching

PTE online coaching

Englishfirm offers the best PTE online coaching in the market. This is because Englishfirm offers 100 % 1 on 1 classes. Hence, each student gets a

dedicated trainer. This helps students to nail the PTE tips, techniques and fundamentals quickly. Lastly, Englishfirm PTE online coaching is best with the resource materials.

All students will have access to our mock test portal, repeated questions and practice materials. 

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    PTE Online Coaching – Packages

    BRONZE PTE online coaching

    PTE online coaching – Mentor


    19+ hours Recorded Live classes from Englishfirm Mentors with all tips and techniquesTick
    Access to EnglishFirm Study Group (FB)Tick
    Personal PTE MentorTick
    Mentor FeedbacksTick
    Chat with Personal MentorTick
    10 min Telephone AssessmentTick
    Practise QuestionsWrong
    Mock TestsWrong
    1 on 1 classWrong
    Pre-Test ConsultationWrong
    SILVER PTE online coaching

    PTE online coaching – Crash

    $400.00 $350.00

    (Unlimited Access)

    19+ hours Recorded Live classes from Englishfirm Mentors with all tips and techniquesTick
    Access to EnglishFirm Study Group (FB)Tick
    Personal PTE MentorTick
    Mentor FeedbacksTick
    Chat with Personal MentorTick
    10 min Telephone AssessmentTick
    Practise QuestionsTick
    Mock TestsTick
    1 on 1 class - 5 hoursTick
    Pre-Test ConsultationWrong
    GOLD PTE online coaching

    PTE online coaching – Intensive

    $700.00 $600.00

    (Unlimited Access)

    19+ hours Recorded Live classes from Englishfirm Mentors with all tips and techniquesTick
    Access to EnglishFirm Study Group (FB)Tick
    Personal PTE MentorTick
    Mentor FeedbacksTick
    Chat with Personal MentorTick
    10 min Telephone AssessmentTick
    Practise QuestionsTick
    Mock TestsTick
    1 on 1 class - 10 hoursTick
    Pre-Test ConsultationTick

    Our PTE Mentors

    Nimisha James – Head trainer

    Nimisha has been in the field of PTE coaching for over 4 years. She has been inspiring students through her special techniques of learning. Hence it leads the students to acquire the tips and strategies with ease. She has always been a modest trainer with great enthusiasm whilst creating interest in students to learn and conquer PTE exams. Last but not the least, Nimisha is the most sought after PTE coach in Australia.

    Avanti – Associate Trainer

    Avanti is an experienced PTE, IELTS and NAATI coach. She has a PTE score of 90 with all sections and enabling skills being 90. Hence, she knows all the tips, techniques of PTE with 100 % re producible 90 score templates.  She is an inevitable part of Englishfirm and accounts for most of the Englishfirm PTE online coaching.

    Vandana - Trainer

    Vandana has extensive experience in PTE coaching. She has been helping Englishfirm and lot of students with PTE tips and techniques. Based in Melbourne, she is our 

    head trainer in Melbourne branch. She also mentors and helps students across Asia, Europe and Africa to clear PTE exam

    PTE online coaching

    Why Englishfirm is best in Online Coaching

    Firstly, Englishfirm is a global brand and we have students all across the globe. The above chart shows the diversity of our students. Secondly, we have collaborated with zoom

    to create the best virtual classroom environment. Thirdly, we ensure students to get 100% 1 on 1 session and a dedicated trainer. Hence, our online classes are 100 % effective and value for money. In summary, Englishfirm online coaching is worth of every penny and its the best effective course in the market.

    How to enrol for Englishfirm Online Class

    1.  Book a free demo
    2. Understand the fundamentals of PTE
    3. Understand the course structure
    4. Ask for help to choose the best course
    5. Schedule your first online class.

    Firstly, Englishfirm provides an opportunity for all students to attend a free 30-45 min consultation. This will help a student to understand 3 core things. Fundamentals of PTE,

    courses and the trainer. Hence, this helps students to take an informed decision to enrol for the course or not. However, if demo still does not provides enough information,

    students can access our Free PTE Resources /  email us for any queries. Secondly, if a student is happy to take our help, he or she can confirm us with a small consultation fee.

    Thirdly, student can schedule the first class based on his /her availability. Lastly, as mentioned earlier, all the demos, classes will be be through zoom. In conclusion, Englishfirm has the best process for online coaching and provides the most effective and value for money class.

    Benefits of PTE online coaching

    As PTE is 100 % computerised exam, having online coaching is beneficial. Let us dive through the reasons. Firstly, in online coaching whole interactions are through virtual platforms. As a result, this helps candidates to be comfortable with different accessories. Secondly, learning from home with comfort is the best choice you can have. As a result, this will help to ease little tension. Lastly, candidates will have more time to practice as they saved time on commute, appointments etc. In summary, PTE online coaching is as effective as face to face coaching and saves you lot of time and money.

    Future of Englishfirm online coaching

    Being a global brand, Englishfirm has the responsibility to educate people across the world. Englishfirm is currently doing at its best to provide PTE , IELTS, CCL and General English coaching to people in different parts of world. However, we have identified there are lot of opportunities to improve and make education more simpler and cost effective. As a result, Englishfirm has launched Englishfirm Global PTE Training School (EGPTS).

    Mission and Goals

    English is the most widely spoken language after Mandarin. However, there are countries which do not provide quality English education. Hence Englishfirm Global PTE Training School (EGPTS) has decided to take this as an opportunity and help candidates struggling with English competency tests. Therefore our mission is to spread English education across the world. Firstly, Englishfirm will ensure all our courses and resources are accessible all across the world. Secondly, Englishfirm will ensure all our contents are world class and at the same cost effective. Lastly, Englishfirm will ensure all candidates are getting adequate support (~24/7) in their preparation. In summary, Englishfirm has the mission to make English education simpler, cost effective, world class and accessible across the globe.

    How it works

    Firstly, as the world is moving to digital, we are prepared to provide 100 % digital PTE  coaching at cost effective rate. For instance, we will be providing 24/7 online mentors, video tutorials , online classes etc, Please check the above page for more information. Secondly, Englishfirm has engineered AI powered platforms for running mock tests. As a result, students can take mock tests (PTE) and get scores immediately, Lastly, Englishfirm is emerging as a global school for quality English education. For example, we are hiring extra ordinary trainers from different countries to help us in improving the education. All these trainer will help to  create lot of virtual resources like videospodcasts etc. All these resources are broadcasted across the globe through different mediums. In conclusion, we are improving daily to help our students to get quality cost effective coaching.

    PTE Scoring Guide

    English Academic (PTE Academic) test by Pearson is an international computer-based English language test. Hence it assess the competency in listening, reading, speaking and writing . However, the scoring process of the test can be a little complicated. Therefore we are attempting to explain it simple. Here are the take aways:

    1. The scoring is automated.
    2. The overall score range is between 10 and 90. This score is based on the performance on all the test items.
    3. The skills tested are listening, reading, speaking and writing out of which, each skill is scored out of 90.
    4. In speaking and writing assessment, skills such as grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse are tested as well.
    5. The items are scored on correctness and quality of the response. Quality of the response is represented through enabling skills. For instance,  in the item Re-tell lecture, the response is scored on skills such as oral fluency and pronunciation.

    3 Types of scoring

    There are basically 3 types of scoring in the assessment.

      • Correct or incorrect scoring, where 1 score point will be awarded if the answer is right and no score points are given if the answer is incorrect. For instance, in Answer Short Question, 1 point is awarded for the right answer.
      • Partial credit, where maximum score is given if the answer is right and less than the maximum score is given if the answer is partially right. For instance, in Fill in the Blanks, score is awarded for each right answer and no score for an incorrect answer.
      • There is another type of scoring where there is negative marking. However the minimum score would still be zero for that question. For instance, in Multiple–choice, choose multiple answers, points are awarded for each right answer and negative marks for each wrong answer. For instance , if you choose 2 right answers and 2 wrong answers among the options, the total score for that question would be 0.

    These are some of the basic things to know about the scoring in PTE, which will help you prepare for the exam more efficiently.

    Read more on scoring:  PTE scoring guide

    Reading Tips

    • Reading is an integral part of PTE. The reading section of the exam has five types of questions which includes fill in the blanks, MCQ and reorder paragraphs. Although the array of questions can be overwhelming, with a few tricks and tips you can easily answer the questions correctly.
    • Here are some of tips that can boost reading score. Firstly, reading score is co related to your appetite for reading. For example, more you read, higher the chance that you can get good score in PTE reading module. Start by reading small articles and blogs. Anything that would catch your attention will do; be it periodicals, magazines, newspapers etc.
    • Secondly, by paying attention to grammar rules can help to boost the score. Grammar is a crucial part in the reading assessment. By being thorough in grammar, you can easily score points and thereby increase your overall score. Try doing simple grammar exercises which are available online as it would help you improve your English language skills tremendously. In conclusion, PTE reading module can be easily cracked by practice reading and paying attention to grammar.

      Writing Tips

    • Writing component of PTE can be a tad intimidating as this component has time constraints as well. This component consists of summarising a given text and writing an essay on a given topic.
    • The best way to prepare for this is by practicing. Here are some of the tips that can boost score. Firstly, practicing and reading regularly is the key to cracking the writing part of PTE. For example, summarising is basically writing the gist of the passage given, so trying to understand the concept and then explain it in a simpler form using key words from the passage.
    • Secondly, ALWAYS stick to the word limit given. Essay writing can seem to be a tedious work but by reading avidly, essay writing becomes as easy as pie. For instance, jot down your thoughts on the given topic and then start writing the essay in an organised manner. As a result, the essay will have a proper introduction and a conclusion.
    • Lastly, while doing the writing component, it is very important to be mindful of time as this assessment is timed. Practicing with a timer will help you manage time efficiently. In conclusion, writing score can be easily boosted by regular practice.

    Speaking Tips

    • Speaking component in PTE basically evaluates your communication skills. This component focuses on your pronunciation and fluency. Usually people tend to find more difficulty in this section as it involves a lot of talking and listening. But fret not! Speaking can be done effortlessly with practice and a few tips.
    • Speaking session consists of read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image, re-tell lecture and answer short question. Here are some of the tips. Firstly, the most important thing to focus in speaking is to make sure you speak without pause. For instance, if you stammer, it can affect your score. Therefore continuous and fluent conversation earns you points. This can be achieved only through consistent practice and mock tests. Make yourself familiar with the questions in the mock test so that it will be easier for you during the actual test.
    • Secondly, you should be loud and clear while speaking. If you speak in a feeble voice the computer might not process your voice.  Hence, you might end up losing points for that question despite answering correctly. Therefore, be at your confident best for this assessment as it will positively impact your score. In conclusion, speaking is the most easiest component and hence scores can be easily boosted.

     Listening Tips

    • Listening is a significant part of PTE. Therefore, this component contributes largely to the overall score. It includes summarise spoken text, fill in the blanks, MCQs, write from dictation etc.
    • Listening part of PTE can be little tough as it demands your full attention and concentration during the test. Often people find it difficult to understand the accent thus making listening component difficult. This problem can be solved only through familiarising yourself with their accent.
    • Firstly, as a basic tip start watching English movies/ series without subtitles. For instance, watch a full english movie and reproduce the story in English.
    • Secondly,  practice the model questions. Because consistent practice will help you to tackle the listening part of PTE and helps to boost score. Lastly, pay more attention to write from dictation question. This helps to contribute large scores to listening and writing module. In conclusion, practice with right tips and techniques will help to boost the score.

    PTE Self Preparation

    PTE is an english competency test just like IELTS, TOEFL etc. So just like any other exam, PTE can also be self taught. Firstly, there are a vast amount of PTE resource online in the form of Youtube VideosBlogsPodcasts etc. So it’s easy to browse these resource and get the most reliable tips and techniques from them. Secondly, there are lot of free practice websites like APEUNI and Mock Tests to take free mock tests and practice from home. Thirdly, there are lots of re usable templates, repeated questions in internet which can be used appropriately to boost the score. For example, if you also follow an exact essay template that worked for someone, it will increase the chance of improving writing score. In summary, PTE can be self taught at home with right practice materials , right strategies and right templates.


    One can face a lot of challenges while self prepare. Firstly, it will be really challenging to find the reliable information from internet. For example, there will be lot of youtube videos explaining PTE strategies in different methods. So this will cause confusion to choose the best working strategies. Secondly, lack of right mentor can cause challenges in evaluation and feedbacks. For example, a student can practice online for many hours. However, if the answers are not evaluated properly by human(for writings/speakings), it will be challenging to improve and practice better. Lastly, without right strategy and practice materials, students can waste a lot of time and money. Hence, it’s always important to double check the information sources before learning it.In summary, PTE self preparation is great , however preparation should be done with right evaluation, right practice materials and right strategy.

    Best Strategy

    Firstly, if you are confident in your English competency , try PTE one time by preparing yourself. However, if you are not confident, it will be wise to take help from a professional. Secondly, if you couldn’t get score after self preparation, please seek the help of a professional.  Therefore you can save lot of effort and money. For example, a PTE exam cost  350 AUD and  PTE coaching cost 400 AUD on an average. So you can definitely clear PTE for 750 AUD.Thirdly, be mindful of giving adequate gaps for preparation before next attempts. Hence, this will give time for practice and to clear the mind. Lastly, if you have a crazy work schedule or commitments, it will be great to block 2 to 3 weeks for preparation and attending the exam. In summary, seeking the guidance of a professional can save lot of time, effort and money.


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