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PTE classes in Parramatta

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PTE Classes in Parramatta

pte classes in parramatta

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    Best PTE classes in Parramatta – 1-on-1 PTE Coaching


    •  Firstly, Englishfirm specializes in one on one individual coaching, hence students get the attention they deserve to get their desired score.
    • Secondly, the course structure is customized to your needs so you have to never compromise and can take full advantage of the well-qualified PTE trainers.
    • Thirdly, course is run by  head trainer, Nimisha James who is Sydney’s most sought after PTE & IELTS coach.Moreover, One on one PTE coaching is a best option for PTE Students who want to score at least 79+ in their PTE exam because to achieve high scores, it demands a mentor.
    • Above all, you have the freedom to enjoy the full access of certified Pearson Software for your MOCK TEST. Therefore, giving accurate results each and every time. Similarly, you can also access FREE study material, FREE online test portal, FREE Mock Tests and UNLIMITED Feedback.
    • In summary,not only does Englishfirm provide PTE classes, but also ensures every student gets the score on the first attempt. For example, check our success video, Patrick Success Story.



    Why are PTE classes important?

    PTE is not just an English exam, but it’s a test to assess your four skills in English. So competency in each skill is very important. Moreover, you have to prove your competency in each skill in 2-3 hours by answering 20 questions. Hence, it requires training and practice. If you are undergoing training, you will understand the exam pattern, tips and techniques, strategies to answer all questions in a short time frame and to avoid common mistakes made in exams. There are different ways to get up skilled like  ‘watching tutorial videos‘, ‘taking mock tests‘ , PTE podcast etc. However, that may not be adequate for many students. So learning from the experience is the best proven method in getting PTE scores. Hence, Englishfirm PTE classes are helping students to get their scores in their first attempt.

    How to choose the best PTE class near you?

    If you search on the web for PTE classes,  you will be overwhelmed with results. However it’s a good start to identify the good institutes.

    So if we devise a process to filter a good PTE class, here are the steps. Firstly, you have to search on the internet. Secondly, you have to request a free demo or consultation. Thirdly, and most importantly, you have to be comfortable with the trainer.Finally, you have to ensure practice materials, mock tests and unlimited feedback or evaluation are provided. So if all the above steps are satisfied, you are in safe hands. In conclusion, please do your due diligence before you select the pte classes.

    How much should I spend on PTE coaching?

    We have seen test takers consecutively taking PTE without adequate preparation. As a result, they are spending money unnecessarily. For example, if you take the exam 4 times (4*PTE exam fee= ~1400 AUD), this is the approximate cost you will incur. Therefore it may not be a wise decision. So what is a wise decision?

    You can spend 500-700 AUD to get a decent PTE class and pass the exam on the first attempt.In conclusion, think twice before you book the exam without adequate preparation. Also, choose wisely PTE classes otherwise you may struggle to clear the exam.

    How many classes do I have to attend?

    On average, a student needs 10 hour of class and 10 hours of practice. However this may vary from person to person. Also, 1 hour with a personal trainer and 1 hour with a group class, are both different. Because in 1 on 1 class, you are getting personal attention and all your doubts can be cleared easily. Hence, 4 week 1 on 1 class along with practice sessions will be enough for students to clear the exam. Lastly, Englishfirm recommends students to book the exam after their first free consultation. Hence, our trainers can gauge the current situation of students and can estimate the preparation time.

     Are online PTE classes worth it?

    Firstly, both online and face to face classes provide the same information to students. Secondly, online class is also 1 on 1.So each student gets attention in detail.

    Thirdly, and most importantly, classes can be scheduled according to student availability. In summary, online classes are as effective as face to face classes.

    On the other hand, face to face class gives the opportunity to directly engage with the trainer. So this will be suitable for students who can easily commute.

    As Parramatta attracts a lot of immigrants, there is always a huge request for PTE classes in and around Parramatta. This is because, lot of immigrants have to prove their English competency for their work, education and for residency. Hence its advantageous for residents in Parramatta to get the face to face class.

    PTE resources

    Lots of free and paid resources are online. However, accessing the best resources is always challenging. Hence, Englishfirm provides below resources to both  online and face to face classes to ensure quality of teaching. All enrolled students will have access to practice materials, repeated questions , ‘tutorial videos‘, ‘mock tests‘ , podcast  and access to PTE Study Group . Moreover, we also offer a revision class and a pre exam consultation for all students. Therefore Englishfirm students are 100% satisfied with the training and the result.


    Different types of PTE classes

    PTE can be taught in different methods. Hence, there are lot of classes available both online and offline. Therefore let us dive into the different classes.

    1. 1 on 1 PTE class – In this training method, 1 person trainer will be assigned to the student. Hence, this is relatively expensive class. However, this is the most effective training method.

    2. Limited time group class – In this type of class, PTE classes are conducted in a group. The group can have 20-50 students. Hence, this will be relatively economical compared to other class. Also, duration of class can vary from 4 – 8 weeks.

    3. Unlimited group class – In this training method, duration of class is unlimited. For example, a student can enrol for the class and can study until he/she gets the score.

    4. Crash class – As the name suggests, the class is conducted for short amount of time. For example, a student who has exam in couple of days or in 1 /2 week, can enrol for the class. Therefore, all tips and techniques will be covered in the class before he/she attempts the exam.


    PTE vs IELTS classes

    Although PTE and IELTS are both English tests, there are some fundamental differences in preparation techniques. Firstly, PTE is a computerised exam and so

    100% scoring is done by computer. For example, in an exercise like Describe Image , candidate has to describe the image in front of computer. The speech rendered is stored in computer and then later interpreted and scored by computer itself. On the other hand, in IELTS the speech will be scored by a human.As computer scoring is done by an algorithm(set of rules), the scoring is a repeated process. Hence PTE classes are tailored based on the PTE scoring guide. In other words, PTE is relatively easy to get trained. Secondly, PTE scores are available in less than 5 business days. This is a huge advantage for candidates as they can submit the score card for their residency, registration, admissions etc. On the other hand, this increases the number of PTE attempts because candidates attempt multiple times without adequate preparation. Thirdly, and most importantly, there are transferable scores in PTE. Hence, this is bonus for candidates if they score well in speaking or in any 1 module. Therefore, training helps to get high scores in candidates’ strong areas and thus it will help to distribute marks in other sections. In conclusion, therefore PTE tips, techniques and strategies are easily trainable compared to IELTS.

    Exclusive PTE Classes in Parramatta

    Check our PTE course for a detailed view.

    1.1 on 1 Coaching – Face to Face PTE Classes in Parramatta

    Duration4 weeks
    Mode1 on 1 Coaching
    Class TimingFlexible
    PTE Preparation & Practice MaterialsTick
    Mock TestsTick
    Feedbacks & evaluationTick
    Access to LabsTick
    1 Free session – DemoTick

    2.Advanced Unlimited PTE Coaching – Face to Face PTE classes in Parramatta

    Mode1 on 1 & peer interaction
    Class TimingFlexible - weekdays
    Saturday - 10 am
    Sunday - 6 pm
    PTE Preparation & Practice MaterialsTick
    Mock TestsTick
    Feedbacks & evaluationTick
    Access to LabsTick
    1 Free session – DemoTick

    PTE Classes in Paramatta Summary

    PTE Classes in Parramatta have grown exponentially over the past 2 years. Hence, PTE aspirants could get overwhelmed by too many options to choose from.

    Here are few reasons why Englishfirm could be what you are looking for:
    Firstly, Englishfirm offers one of the best PTE courses in Parramatta, because it is proudly run by Sydney’s most experienced trainers.  Secondly, we are a 100% 1 on 1 coaching institute and hence our classes are customized according to the student’s individual skills and requirements. Thirdly, and most importantly, we teach time-tested techniques and strategies which have helped many students to achieve a perfect score of 90. Moreover, we provide 900+ repeated questions, 10+ scored mock tests, and unlimited feedback and evaluation. In conclusionEnglishfirm provides, undoubtedly, the best PTE classes in Parramatta.

    PTE Perfect 90 !!

    Our Trainers

    Nimisha James – Head trainer

    Nimisha has been training PTE aspirants for more than 5 years. Firstly, she is the most sought-after PTE trainer in Sydney. Secondly, she knows the in and out of PTE scoring, tips and strategies to crack PTE with minimal effort and time. Additionally, she is very passionate and dedicated to helping students and ensures each student gets their target score.

    Nimisha is a friendly and appraochable trainer. Connect with Nimisha to know more about PTE strategies.

    Meanwhile, you can start preparation by watching tutorials from Nimisha, Englishfirm Training

    Outside PTE training:

    Reading, Netflix and exploring walks

    Avanti - Associate Trainer

    Avanti has been teaching PTE for more than a year. Before training PTE, she was and still is an IELTS trainer.  She is a very skilled English teacher and the go-to person in any English related queries/doubts. Avanti holds a Master’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering. However, her passion towards helping students in PTE, IELTS, NAATI CCL and General English made her one of the best mentor and trainer at Englishfirm. You can connect with Avanti. Meanwhile, its worth to check her PTE preparation strategies , Englishfirm Training

    Outside PTE training:

    Reading, Netflix

    PTE classes in Parramatta

    Ashish – Associate Trainer

    Ashish is handling the Advanced Unlimited PTE Coaching course in the Parramatta campus. A very talented PTE trainer, he has been doing PTE training for more than a year along with NAATI coaching.

    Outside PTE training:

    Cooking, Road trips, Gym


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    Englishfirm is industry leader in PTE one-on-one coaching. We value individual development and our trainers are committed to that. We have been training students in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Auckland and Australian cities like Adelaide, Auburn, Brisbane, Blacktown, Canberra, Clayton, Craigieburn, Cairns, Darwin, Epping, Fortitude Valley, Gold coast,Geelong,  Hobart,Hurstville, Liverpool, Melbourne, Newcastle, Noble Park,  Parramatta, Perth, Rockdale, Sydney, Strathfield, Tarneit, Toowoomba, Wollongong and Werribee



    Our Locations

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