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PTE & IELTS Coaching

Englishfirm provide leading coaching & training across PTE and IELTS preparation.

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    Customised PTE/IELTS Guidance

    Here at Englishfirm, we prioritise providing individual attention to each of our students. Our one-on-one classes are custom-tailored to each student’s English competency and their target PTE/IELTS score to achieve the best results possible for everyone.

    Low Cost

    Englishfirm provides all PTE/IELTS courses at an affordable rate, as we strive to cater to all groups in Australia. Our student base includes Uni students, Professionals from various sectors & educational agencies.


    Flexible Schedules

    Englishfirm specialises in PTE/IELTS one-on-one coaching. One trainer will work with just one student at a time, and each student can book their time with trainers whenever they need. What’s more, our online PTE/IELTS coaching allows for increased flexibility, wherever you are located.

    PTE Training to Get You Exceptional Results

    Looking for the best PTE coaching centre? Meet Englishfirm. Every year, Englishfirm help thousands of students to pass their PTE language exam with flying colours. We specialise in providing PTE training that genuinely helps our students to do well under pressure. If you need to pass your PTE exam for work, visa, or study, Englishfirm are the best PTE preparation coaching centre to get you there.

    On top of providing experienced and educated instructors, Englishfirm have firmly ingrained a can-do attitude within our training and students for all PTE preparation. We believe that this attitude is the secret of the successful outcomes we have yielded through our former students who have acquired outstanding accomplishments in the PTE examinations in Australia.

    As a leading institution delivering fantastic PTE classes across NSW & VIC, we provide comprehensive discipline in one-on-one coaching, which has proven to be effective with the increment of count in the number of students achieving 79+ PTE scores, which has become unceasingly intense. We also provide our candidates with group class sessions and online coaching sessions for budget-friendly, flexible solutions. Through both PTE online coaching and face to face training, we have countless students to conquer the PTE examination with ease. You can book our online coaching or within one of our Sydney PTE classes or Melbourne PTE training centre.


    PTE Coaching Australia

    Courses We Offer

    Pearsons Test of English Coaching

    Englishfirm provide students with a variety of different PTE academic coaching sessions available to meet the flexibility needs of students, to pass the Pearson test of English. Our expertise is delivering personable, one-on-one PTE coaching, which we firmly believe is what backs the success of our students in their PTE preparation. This includes teaching PTE Classes in Parramatta, Sydney and online classes to provide courses that are accessible to everyone.

    NAATI Training

    The customised NAATI Tamil program brought to you by Englishfirm includes expert trainers for Hindi, Nepali, and Tamil languages. Comprehensive training provided by our trainers has delivered great success for our students who acquired assistance in NAATI preparation from our institution.

    IELTS Training

    On top of providing students with coaching for the PTE test, Englishfirm offer training for IELTS. The IELTS course runs over one month, helping the student stabilise in the needed field of study to nail the final exam. Our course provides exclusive one-on-one coaching to help students polish up their English language abilities with the attention from a single trainer. Our training style has proven to be highly effective, particularly when looking back at the results we have received with our students over the past few years. Unlimited study and practice materials, and 24/7 feedback from our trainers, is what makes our IELTS offerings stand out in Australia.

    General English Classes

    In this English native country, we have designed a General English training programme to assist in learning English, regardless of your starting point. Our classes include various training programmes, including intensive programs of 10 and 20 sessions, expanding to a long-term training program with a monthly subscription, all-inclusive of free assessments from our attentive and devoted team of instructors. We have helped hundreds of students to polish up their language skills and day to day communication while in Australia. Englishfirm has immensely helped students get through the daily needs and circumstances with the knowledge of the English language.

    About EnglishFirm

    One on One Coaching to Achieve Success

    Englishfirm is one of the best PTE academies in Australia. Among 52 PTE institutes in Sydney, we are the only training centre that offers 100% one-on-one PTE coaching. Englishfirm has two branches in NSW, operating seven days a week. We operate from a Sydney CBD campus (Pitt Street) and Parramatta. We’re also now operating from Melbourne CBD. We provide online coaching and PTE materials to get our students the PTE practice they need to ace their tests.

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    What if you could change your life in the next couple of days

    Our Trainers

    Nimisha James – Head trainer

    Nimisha has been in the field of PTE training for over four years, where she has been inspiring students through her unique techniques of learning and practice. Nimisha leads the students to acquire the tips and strategies of learning English with ease. Despite being a highly qualified professional, she has always been a modest trainer with great enthusiasm whilst creating engaging coaching strategies for students to learn and conquer PTE exams. She can be addressed as the primary PTE teacher at Englishfirm.


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    • General English
    • Mentoring

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    Avanti – Associate Trainer

    A well-trained instructor representing Englishfirm, Avanti is one of the most influential personalities connected to our institution. She has excelled as an IELTS and PTE trainer over the last years. Despite being a busybody, she has always taken the initiative to consider each students’ inquiries, helping them clear their doubts and obstacles in the English language.


    • PTE
    • IELTS
    • NAATI

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    Vandana - Trainer

    Vandana is a graduate in Mass Communication and possesses extensive experience in coaching and training for PTE. She has specialised in teaching and building up friendly relationships with students to pave their path to success.

    Despite being a qualified professional, Vandana’s enthusiasm for being a helping hand for the students reaching out to Englishfirm is second to none. Always giving her 100% to the academy in Melbourne, we believe her commitment to training makes her one of the profound teachers at Englishfirm.

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    Kaspin - Student Counsellor - University Admissions

    Kaspin is a corporate leader in Data Engineering area. However his passion for quality education in Australia leads to own the counselling vertical of Englishfirm.  Kaspin is helping Englishfirm with regards to Student admissions to Australia Universities, both on shore and overseas. He is a seasoned  professional with  a ‘get things done’ attitude. Students like his style of mentoring and counselling with keeping interests of his students as first priority. Adding to his accolades, he is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC) QEAC no: V165

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is PTE?

    The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) is a language test designed to assess the use of the English language skills of non-native English speakers. Generally speaking, the PTE test is used to test the skills of non-native speakers intending to apply for university courses in Australia and other English-speaking countries. It’s a computer-based test that offers fast and objective results.

    Why is a computer-based test better?

    With a computer-based test, your PTE scores can be marked rapidly and sent through quickly. Most test-takers receive their results within 48 hours. It’s also a less stressful format as you don’t have to speak directly to an examiner or write out your answers by hand. Using an automated scoring system that takes human error out of the equation, you can have confidence that the system will judge your English language skills fairly.

    How are PTE exams formatted?

    PTE exams are 100% computer-based. The test is three hours long and is divided into three sections:

    Part 1 – Speaking and Writing (77-93 minutes)

    Part 2 – Reading (32-41 minutes)

    Part 3 – Listening (45 – 57 minutes)

    Throughout the test, you’ll be asked 20 different types of questions, from simple multiple-choice questions to more in-depth essay questions and interpreting information.

    Is PTE training widely recognised?

    More than 3,000 colleges, institutions, universities, and professional bodies trust PTE to verify applicants’ English skills, including a major Australian education group of universities. The Australian, New Zealand, and UK Governments accept PTE as proof of English proficiency for all visa and migration applications.

    As such, there are more than a few PTE institutions across Australia that offer online classes and live sessions for coaching based on the latest PTE prediction file. In order to successfully pass the actual test, it’s important to work with PTE experts that genuinely care about your desired PTE scores. The best PTE online coaching or live classes will prepare you for all the tasks that you will come across within the test; helping you to feel confident on the day of the actual test where you’ll need to choose multiple answers, formulate sentence structure, provide written text, and read aloud. That’s where Englishfirm come in.

    PTE practice and preparation is the key to success – by working with Englishfirm, your chances of successfully passing and learning the English language are greatly increased.

    How Does PTE Training Work?

    Englishfirm offers flexible PTE class options to fit in with your schedule. We have online and in-person PTE coaching options available and courses that range from two weeks to unlimited classes for those wanting support until they’ve achieved their target score.

    Our coaching sessions are designed to simplify passing the PTE test. We make sure that each student is fully aware of the exam format, the technical requirements of the test, and has unlimited access to relevant material. We provide an accelerated learning experience to erase all your doubts and pass the test with flying colours on the first attempt. If a student misses any coursework, we will make sure that they are provided with as much practice material and information as required to get back on track. Live and online coaching is designed to help students achieve their desired PTE score. Our PTE tutorials will provide all exam preparation and mock tests needed to go into the final exam, fully confident in your ability to speak, listen, read, and write with a high level of English language proficiency.

    Can You Help Me to Pass My Exam on the First Try?

    Yes, we can! We prioritise our PTE students and offer flexible coaching modalities and unlimited practice sessions to ensure you’re successful the first time around. On average, PTE students need ten hours of classes and ten hours of practice to pass the PTE exam, and we’ve found that one-on-one PTE training to be the most effective option to get the results needed for a fantastic PTE score.

    How Quickly Can I Start a PTE course?

    English firm has two branches in Sydney, conveniently located in the CBD and Parramatta and another in central Melbourne. We operate seven days a week and offer classes year-round. We also offer online options for those not located in Sydney or Melbourne or if you require more flexibility.

    What Types of PTE Classes do Englishfirm Offer?

    We offer a range of PTE coaching options, both on and offline, including:

    • Two-week crash courses for students who have limited time or need to take a test imminently.
    • Four-week courses covering techniques for all four modules as well as unlimited practice sessions and mock tests.
    • Unlimited courses that run indefinitely until the student achieves their target score.

    How does PTE compare with IELTS?

    According to the feedback we’ve received from our test participants, PTE feels less stressful, easier to prepare for, and most importantly, test results come through faster. Most test-takers receive their results within 48 hours. PTE is comparable to IELTS, so if you know which band score you need to apply to study, work, or apply for a visa, you can quickly work out what PTE score you need to achieve with our PTE preparation.

    Is a PTE Coach Worth Paying For?

    We definitely think it is! Formal training at a PTE centre is not a pre-requisite for taking the PTE exam. In our experience, even if you’re confident in your English language skills, taking the test without adequate preparation can be costly. At $375 per test, costs can quickly mount if you try, and fail, to pass multiple times. Investing a little in tutoring and PTE coaching may well be the wisest option to save you time and money in the long run. You can book a free demo class with Englishfirm to get started.

    Whether you’re looking for high PTE academic scores, practice tests, a free demo class or PTE online training, we’re here to help. We can get you where you need to be, with your desired PTE scores on the test. We have the PTE prediction files, practice tests, materials (sectional mock tests included), success stores and interactive classes to get you the results you need.

    Getting a good PTE score means more than cheat sheets and guessing questions on multiple answers. With free access to our mock tests, practice tests and materials, we’ll help you to improve your speaking skills and writing skills on top of our engaging and interactive classes, to give you so much more than exam preparation. Not only will we help you to achieve a high PTE academic score, but we’ll provide you with a high level of oral fluency in the English language.

    At Englishfirm, we take our role in PTE preparation seriously. We understand the importance of passing this test – we’ve been there. For every PTE expert staff member, the success of our students is our number one priority. That’s why we make sure to give all that we can through our face to face and online coaching – mock tests, online courses, PTE prediction file access and sectional mock tests to ensure you’ve got all materials and PTE tutorials to reach and achieve your desired PTE score. We have thousands of success stories of helping Australian students passing their PTE exam – we guarantee that our team of educators will do everything in their power to see you succeed.

    Book the best in-person and PTE online coaching and get started on your PTE journey today with Englishfirm’s free demo class.

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    Google Reviews – Englishfirm Students

    A heartfelt thank you to Nishitha and the entire team at Englishfirm. I scored 90 overall for my pte exam. Nishitha is an incredible tutor and guided in great detail. She was always there to encourage and support me throughout the process. The flexible classes and their templates were incredible useful for me.

    Gopika Aryad Avatar Gopika Aryad
    December 20, 2023

    Today I am glad to share the experience of my PTE journey that I am able to achieve 7 each in all modules within 1 month and all credit goes to Nikitha and Nishita for the help and full support. You guys are amazing and very helpful. Thanks for everything.

    Devi Rana Avatar Devi Rana
    December 20, 2023

    I want to thank Englishfirm and specially Nikitha for helping me to get the desire score in short duration of time which was really helpful.

    Anil Shrestha Avatar Anil Shrestha
    December 3, 2023

    Thank you englishfirm PTE for helping me getting my desired score.special thanks to Nitisha for being an amazing tutor.

    Pritu Jani Avatar Pritu Jani
    December 3, 2023


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    Englishfirm is industry leader in PTE/IELTS one-on-one coaching. We value individual development and our trainers are committed to that. We have been training students in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Auckland and Australian cities like Adelaide, Auburn, Brisbane, Blacktown, Canberra, Clayton, Craigieburn, Cairns, Darwin, Epping, Fortitude Valley, Gold coast,Geelong,  Hobart,Hurstville, Liverpool, Melbourne, Newcastle, Noble Park,  Parramatta, Perth, Rockdale, Sydney, Strathfield, Tarneit, Toowoomba, Wollongong and Werribee



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