Written Discourse PTE

Written Discourse PTE

Understanding PTE Written Discourse:

PTE Written Discourse is one of the major challenge that aspirants face while attempting PTE examination . No wonder lots of student end up loosing marks on written discourse. SO, to make it easy for reader and aspirants aiming to get maximum score in PTE Englishfirm has presented an easy guide towards getting maximum marks in Written Discourse.

In dictionary words discourse symbolizes expressing one’s opinion in a logical flow and progression.

In the PTE score guide, Written Discourse is explained in following terminology:

‘Written discourse skills are represented in the structure of a written text: entailing its internal coherence, logical development and the range of linguistic resources used to express meaning precisely. Scores for enabling skills are not awarded when responses are inappropriate for the items in either content or form.’

So, in order for students to get high score in written discourse they need to follow a meaningful and logical sequence of content and also the paragraph structure should be coherent making use of appropriate vocabulary and punctuation. Thus, if a student goes off topic or beats around the bush and not included main points in their essay there is a high chance of missing out on written discourse score.

Hence, essay is the biggest contributor that gives marks to written discourse.

Improving the score:

Englishfirm has compiled a list of few things that you as a student can do in order to get high score in Written Discourse.

1. Topic understanding and planning out the main points

Always read your question first and take time to understand the topic. Once you understood the question always plan the essay you are going to write. Take time to think about your main point and supporting points for it.

2. Find keyword

PTE Software scans for your keyword. So, make sure to pick the correct keyword and repeat it at least once in each of your paragraph. It is one of the most important to do as missing out on this you can loose marks not only for written discourse but also for content.

3. Be coherent

Always follow a structure for your essay which should include 5 Para structure containing introduction, body 1, body 2, body 3 and finally a conclusion. Englishfirm provides a template to make it easier for student to get good score in writing and to do it in within 20 minutes time.

4. Grammar Accuracy and Lexical Resource

Not only it is important to address essay well and structure paragraph correctly but also it is crucial to use a range of sentence structures, such as compound (sentences which contain 2 independent clauses) and complex sentences (ones which contain an independent clause and a dependent clause). Additionally, it’s important to be familiar with English punctuation rules, including comma usage, colons, semi-colons, and apostrophes.

5. Time Management

In the end your writing depends on how you spend your time because to be perfectly candid, 20 minute time is not enough to write 200-300 words essay following all the grammatical rule, sentence structure and linguistic range. That’s why Englishfirm has made it far simpler for students with one template that fits all question so that you can clear PTE with ease and flying colours.

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How to get 8 bands in IELTS?

How to get 8 bands in IELTS?

Aim 8 bands in IELTS but don’t know how. Don’t worry Englishfirm has got you covered.
There are two major important things that one needs to do in order to secure 8 bands in
IELTS and that is practice and right guidance. If you have both of them no one can stop
you from securing 8 bands in IELTS. Read further to know more about IELTS and tips
to achieve your target.

Ace your scoring:

In IELTS maximum band is 9 which is divided into individual module of Reading,
Writing, Listening and Speaking. Examiner gives individual score and then average is
taken which becomes your overall band score. The thing to keep in mind here is
maximize your strength and eliminate your weakness meaning try to secure maximum
band in the module which you feel you are strongest at and get minimum marks
required for the module you feel you are weakest at. In this way your overall average
will be high. For example if your aim is overall 8 and you need individual min. 7 bands
and you feel you are strongest in Listening and speaking and week at writing. Then aim
to secure full 9 bands in listening and speaking and at least 7 in writing so your overall
average is more than 8. Don’t aim for min. required band in all modules. Maximize your
strength and eliminate your weakness should be your motto to get high bands in IELTS.

Practice makes a person perfect :

Not a secret but very important indeed that practice is what will make you reach from
your 7.5 bands to 8 bands. Keep practicing all module and with time. Always practice
with your timer on and don’t take that time for granted because in exam many students
have lost marks due to time and that one mark can be a difference between 7.5 and 8

Finding a partner :

Always practice speaking with a partner because it will not help you improve on your
language skills but also will give you the much needed confidence to face the
interviewer in exam. In Englishfirm we make sure that with every lesson you get your
speaking practice as well as most of the institutes overlook this important module which
can make and break your score.

Idea Bank :

Be it writing or speaking an Idea bank is very important. Always prepare an idea bank
for yourself thinking which question can be related to what different question that you
might get in exam. For example if you prepare a question about your best fried then the
same answer can be use for person who is your idol or person you are closest with or
person whose advice you took etc. Don’t think you will think in the exam. Be prepared
for whatever question they ask you in exam.

Be familiar with different types of question :

Be familiar with all the types of questions that are asked in reading. That’s why at
Englishfirm we use different activities to prepare for Reading. instead of directly jumping
into Reading passages it is important to make the task interesting and fun. And the best
way to do it is learn with fun activities.

Read Transcript for difficult section in listening :

While practicing if some section were difficult for you to follow through ask your
friend/study buddy to read the transcript at a slower rate and see where is that you are
making and this the method which we follow at English as we know it isn’t always easy
to find yourself a study partner but at Englishfirm you can.

Be Prepared for Writing :

Do you find writing challenging? Then don’t worry because the best method to ace
writing is to prepare a template that is unique to you then in exam you don’t have to
keep thinking on how to start and end your essays. Also, feedbacks are must to get high
score in writing because you cannot improve unless you know your mistakes. So,
always take the feedbacks into account and ensure that your next essay is much better
that your previous one. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to practice all the
different types of essay that you can get in exam and be familiar with their vocabulary.

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NAATI Success Tips

NAATI Success Tips

Many student wonder if it is difficult to crack NAATI for a non native/native language speaker and the answer is
NO. NAATI exam is held in various languages be it Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil etc. and one things is common
for all of them that is one can easily clear NAATI exam with right guidance and practice. Here are few tips that
one should follow in order to pass their NAATI exam.

1. Advance Booking
Book your exam in advance as there are limited seats for NAATI and you don’t want to get dates after a year
because then you won’t feel like preparing. Although if you get late dates you can always prepone it and
Englishfirm helps you with preponing your dates so that as soon you are prepared you can appear for the test.

2. Test Familiarity
It is very important that one is familiar with scoring pattern of NAATI and know what needs to be done in order
to score the minimum requirement. Students need to be aware that there are no bands in NAATI, however, one
should have overall 63+ and individual 29+ in order to clear the test.

3. Vocabulary
One of the major roles is played by vocabulary in NAATI exam. It is very important that you are up to date with
the vocabulary especially for important topic that appear in NAATI every once in a while.

4. Scoring Pattern
Be very cautious about omission, addition and distortion as you can have maximum penalty of 5 marks due to
these mistakes. Hence, it is of utmost importance that while practicing to keep in mind that one needs to
convey meaning without changing information and meaning of the sentence as it can have great repercussions.

5. Prepare for Exam day
It is crucial that one has given many mock exams that prepare them for the exam day. One needs to get them
familiar with Proctor exam and how the audio will be played because in the end no matter how much you have
prepared if you let your nerves get over you the likelihood of passing diminishes. That’s why at Englishfirm
towards the exam we have invaluable number of mock exams so that students are confident and well prepared
to clear their NAATI test.

6. Rapport with Trainer
Although at times neglected but being trained by a trainer who is invested in you and provides you complete
attention is very important to improve in NAATI. Sometime students make a mistake of joining a group class
where their weakness never comes in front of trainer as trainer can’t pay enough attention in a group of 15-20
and that’s why we at Englishfirm provided one on one training so that students clear their exam in first attempt
itself. As NAATI being an expensive exam it is crucial that you are well prepared for it instead of attempting it

7. Practicing Repeated Question
In NAATI especially Hindi many a times same question have repeated in exams. So, it is very important that
one is aware of them and have practiced them multiple times. Doing this not only ensure good result but also
is a good method of revising all the important vocabularies.


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Basic Understanding of PTE

Basic Understanding of PTE

We at Englishfirm understand how daunting a task it can be giving your first PTE exam and that’s why we
have compiled a list of few mostly asked enquiries and tried to enlighten the students to the maximum.

1. PTE Vs IELTS Score

There are lots of difference between PTE scoring and IELTS and one of the biggest differences is that in
PTE each and every module contributes mark towards overall score. In simple terms in order to core
good marks in reading one needs to perform well in speaking, listening and writing as well. However, in
IELTS it is totally opposite of it one needs to perform well in individual module and performing good in
speaking will have no effect in your reading score.


PTE Score range IELTS Brand
86 and above 9
83-85 8.5
79-82 8
73-78 7.5
65-72 7
59-64 6.5
51-58 6
43-50 5.5
35-42 5
30-34 4.5


2. Booking PTE exam

To book PTE Academic, you must first create a Pearson account on the Pearson PTE website. Once you
have created your Pearson account, you can check availability and book your test.
Go to the Pearson PTE website where you can Register and Book.
Tests are scheduled according to demand. Currently testing is available all 7 days of a week

3. PTE Score Validity

PTE score is valid for two years from the date of result. However, for VISA purposes Australian
government accepts PTE score validity up to three years from the date of result.

4. PTE exam Center

There are numerous exam centers well located throughout Sydney and other places. One can visit
pearson site in order to check location. To name a few popular ones in Sydney are in Parramatta,
Olypmic Park as well as Tow Hall.

5. Selecting PTE Coaching

First and foremost importance while selecting a coaching institute is to meet with the trainer who will be
training you to get the PTE score. Only once you are comfortable with the trainer and you know that they
are dedicated towards you one can make an informed decision and that’s why Englishfirm provides free
PTE demo for student in order to freely contact with the trainers. Another thing to consider is your
strength and weakness. Most of the times students enroll into group classes with 30 other students where
they don’t get the attention that was needed and ends up wasting money and not getting their score.
However, at Englishfirm we have one-on-one coaching option designed to meet your score and still be in
your affordable budget range.

PTE vs IELTS Score PTE vs IELTS Score

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Are you like thousands of students who on a daily basis contemplate whether they should appear for IELTS or PTE exam? If the answer is yes, then you have come to a right place. In order to clear the queries of numerous students Englishfirm has compiled a set of pros and cons of both the test so it will be easier for you to make a decision on. Please, read further to decide which best suits your requirement and remember Englishfirm is the leading expert in both the types of examination so whichever you choose we have your back and will help you to achieve your score with flying color’s.

1. Exam Format :

PTE is a computerized test where as if you were more of a writer than typer then IELTS is provided in both the formats that is computer based and paper based. As not everyone is comfortable with typing or sitting infront of computers then one should opt for IELTS due to paper based format which are just like writing an exam at school. However, if you are comfortable with computers then one should go with PTE because of easy and user friendly format.

2. Scoring Criteria :

PTE and IELTS both tests four attributes of a language that is reading, writing, listening and speaking. However, the scoring is vastly different for both of them. In PTE all scores are interrelated to each other which means if you do well in one module you get good scores for other ones as well. In comparison to this IELTS module scoring is individual which means if you do well in Speaking you get good score in speaking only. Both of the scoring has some major advantages and disadvantages to them as doing bad in one module can have disastrous effect on other module whereas doing well can have great effects on other modules too. So if your target is to get overall band and not individual band go for IELTS otherwise PTE is the way.

3. Exam Pattern :

IELTS exam is bit too academically focused where not only English but your knowledge on the subject also plays a role whereas PTE exam tests more of your basic understanding and is more interactive and easier to attempt.

4. Difficulty Level:

IELTS is a bit difficult in comparison to PTE. As PTE is scored by a software there are many loopholes to it and if you know the correct strategies you can easily get the desired result in first go whereas fo IELTS your basic English needs to be strong to get a good score especially for writing section.

5. Grammar and Vocabulary :

On one hand PTE doesn’t play a major emphasis on your grammar and spelling as they are not a major deciding factor. On the other hand they play a very crucial role in IELTS. If you are confident with your grammar then you should apply for IELTS otherwise PTE would be the best decision.

6. Purpose :

Finally the purpose why you are sitting for these exams are important. If you are sitting for immigration or study purpose here in Australia or New Zealand then PTE is the right choice. However, if you want to migrate to Canada or U.S.A or study in U.K then IELTS is widely acceptable and it would be best to appear for IELTS. Whatever test you choose Englishfirm offers best guidance for both of them and you can book a free demo with us to clear any queries and get a deeper insight on both of these exams.


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Scoring in PTE

Scoring in PTE

Students wonder if PTE is actually easier in comparison to IELTS or OET and the answer lies in Scoring. Yes, PTE is easier in comparison to other forms of English language exam as PTE scoring is easier in comparison to IELTS and OET scoring. There are definite scoring strategies that one can use in order to achieve their desired result. Here at Englishfirm we have compiled a list of it to make it easier for our students to get their desired result in the very first attempt itself. We at Englishfirm prioritize our students and their needs above anything else. So, here are a few basic scoring guidelines that need to be followed while attempting your PTE exam.

Interconnected Scoring:

Firstly, the main difference between PTE and other exams is that in PTE all scores are interrelated to each other. One cannot get a good score in one module without doing well in other. So, it becomes utmost important that students not only focus on one module but also concentrate on PTE score as a whole. The scores are interelated based on the actions you are performing while doing a task. For example, while doing Read Aloud, a student is not only doing speaking but reading as well. Hence the marks are contributed to both speaking and reading.

Different Modules Different Weightage:

Not all modules are equally important in PTE. Different module have different priority and it is essential for students to know about it. Speaking and listening are one of the modules that contributes maximum marks in PTE exam in comparison to Reading and Writing. Hence, if one focuses on unimportant ones more than the important modules the chances of getting high score diminishes with every practice.

Scoring Basis:

The basis of scoring depends on different factors in different section of PTE. Here is an overview of it.

  • Speaking: In general, to get high score in speaking three things need to be perfect and that is Oral Fluency, Pronunciation and content. However, at times students focus too much on vocabulary and grammar leading then to make mistakes in their fluency which ultimately results in low score for PTE.
  • Writing: The two tasks in writing have a very similar scoring but the most important one is form and content. One should always keep in mind the word limit. In writing grammar, vocabulary and lexical resource do play a major role and it is very crucial to understand what software is looking for.
  • Reading: Different tasks in reading carries different weightage. The multiple choice only gives less than 5 marks to reading where as Reading module on its own contributes approximately 40 to reading which means that another 50 comes from remaining modules.
  • Listening: It is the next important module after speaking carrying the second highest marks. However, not every task in listening is important which makes it important for aspirants to identify scoring task from not so scoring one as giving energy on significant topics will ensure their high score and here good guidance plays a very important role.

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