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Englishfirm offers custom made face to face & online One on One sessions. Book a free demo with us to understand the course structure, fees, trainer & the areas you have to focus on IELTS preparation. Time is flexible for the course.

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    IELTS; a ticket to brighter future

    International English Testing System is the exam that is designed to access the English language ability of people who tend to study or work where English is the language of communication. It is the exam that provides students and migrants to apply in more than 120 countries and is generally accepted in U.K, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and many parts of the U.S.A. The test is offered in more than 500 locations in 120 countries. British Council or idp conducts IELTS and the both test are generally of the same difficulty level. There are two modules to the IELTS exam Academic and General Training depending on the purpose of the test taker.


    • Test Result is valid for 2 years
    • A band score is awarded per subtest (LRWS)
    • Band score ranges from 1-9
    • There is no passing or failing mark

    IELTS Preparation

    Listening Outline

    • TIMING– 30 minutes with 10 minutes transfer time
    • QUESTIONS– 40 items
    • TYPES OF QUESTIONS– Multiple-choice, Short answer, Sentence completion, Chart completion, Flowchart completion, Graphs, Table
    • TEST PARTS– 4 sections

    Section 1

    General, everyday topics

    Conversations between two people

    Section 2

    General, everyday topics

    One person

    Section 3

    School or training related topics

    Conversation between two or more people

    Section 4

    School or training related topics

    One person.


    1. Be an Active Listener

    2. Avoid Distractors

    3. Differentiate between Singular v/s Plural

    4. Difference of tone. (Ex. Thirty-Thirteen, Age-Edge)

    5. As track will be played once, write down the exact words.

    Reading Outline

    • TIMING– 60 minutes no transfer time
    • QUESTIONS– 40 items
    • TEST PARTS– 3 sections with a total test length of 2,150-2,750 words.
    • TYPES OF QUESTIONS- multiple choice, identifying information (true/false/not given), identifying writer’s views/claims (true/false/not given), matching (information/headings/pictures/sentence endings), sentence completion, summary completion, note completion, table completion etc.


    1. Know your strengths and weaknesses

    2. Focus your learning

    3. Practice dictation of numbers/spelling & note taking

    4. Practice skimming & scanning to find information

    5. Build your vocabulary – especially academic phrases and synonyms

    6. Practice the test under timed conditions

    Writing Outline

    • TIMING– 60 minutes
    • TASKS– there are 2 tasks

    Candidates are required to write at least 150 words in Task-1 and minimum 250 words in Task-2.

    • TEST PARTS– 2 parts



    1. TASK RESPONSE- Following instructions properly. Writing accurate, clear and relevant description of info.

    2. COHERENCE AND COHESION- Organized writing using suitable structure Using connective words to link sentences and paragraphs logically.

    3. LEXICAL RESOURCES- Describing the flow of how to organize your ideas.

    4. VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR ACCURACY- Using a range of appropriate vocabulary. Using accurate grammar.

    Speaking Outline

    • TIMING– 11-14 Minutes
    • TASKS– A face-to-face interview with an examiner. The speaking test is recorded.
    • TEST PARTS– 3 parts

    PART 1- Introduction and Interview (3-4 min)

    PART 2 Individual long run (3-4 min)

    PART 3 Two-way discussion (4-5 minutes)



    1. Be prepared to respond fully to questions asked by examiner

    2. Give rounded answers with appropriate linking words

    3. Don’t waste time trying to write the whole talk

    EnglishFirm IELTS Course

    IELTS – General / Academic

    Class duration4 weeks
    Class Mode1 on 1 CoachingOnly 1 student and 1 trainer in the session.
    Class TimingFlexibleStudents can schedule the class according to their availability.
    IELTS Preparation & Practice MaterialsTick
    Mock TestsTick3 hour mock test
    Feedbacks & evaluationTickUnlimited feedbacks and evaluation.
    Access to LabsTickStudents can practise at EnglishFirm Labs, Monday to Sunday , 9 to 7 pm.
    1 Free session – DemoTickStudents can attend 1 free session before joining the course.


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    Englishfirm is industry leader in PTE one-on-one coaching. We value individual development and our trainers are committed to that. We have been training students in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Auckland and Australian cities like Adelaide, Auburn, Brisbane, Blacktown, Canberra, Clayton, Craigieburn, Cairns, Darwin, Epping, Fortitude Valley, Gold coast,Geelong,  Hobart,Hurstville, Liverpool, Melbourne, Newcastle, Noble Park,  Parramatta, Perth, Rockdale, Sydney, Strathfield, Tarneit, Toowoomba, Wollongong and Werribee



    Our Locations

    • Level 5 Suite 505/118 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150
    • 370 Pitt St,  Sydney NSW 2000
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