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    Customized PTE Guidance

    Englishfirm emphasises on individual attention. Our one-on-one class is custom tailored according to each student’s English competency and their target PTE score. 

    Low Cost

    Englishfirm provides all PTE courses at an affordable cost because we are catering to all groups of people in Australia. Our student base includes Uni students, Professionals from various sectors &  educational agencies.


    Flexible timing

     Englishfirm specialises in PTE one-on-one coaching. So one trainer will focus only 1 student at a time. Hence each student can book their individual time with trainers whenever they need. 

    PTE Coaching Sydney – Insight

    Rising beyond the horizons, English firm has become the number one institution within Sydney for PTE coaching with no doubt over the past few years. We specialize and expertise in the art of PTE training which has eventually led our firm to reach the peak of success in PTE coaching classes and Training in the heart of Sydney.

    Inclusive of experienced and well trained instructors, we firmly set out and advocate the ‘can do’ attitude within our students which we believe is the secret of the successful outcomes we have yielded through our beloved students who acquired their stories of great accomplishments in PTE examinations though our PTE course and extensive training provided.

    As a leading institution implementing  PTE classes in the region of Sydney, we provide comprehensive discipline in 1 on 1 coaching which has proven to be effective with the increment of count in the number of students achieving 79+ which has become unceasingly intense, in which the firm holds proud upon.

    We assure guarantee to all our profound students the provision of unlimited materials and feedback related to PTE modules and questions and certainty in leading our trainees to score their desired targets through our exclusively designed course structure on PTE coaching.

    PTE coaching steps


    Our Training Process

    Moreover, we provide uniquely designed strategies on diverse PTE modules included within a convenient budget which had immensely helped our fellow students to conquer their target scores and settle their existence in the land of Kangaroos, Australia.

    Furthermore, our firm had taken initiation in helping students yearning the requirement of PTE for their high studying purposes with flying colours and their heartfelt gratitude will always abide within us, The English firm.

    Our Courses

    PTE Coaching


    • We the English Firm, provide our students with a variety of sessions related to PTE coaching inclusively to meet the flexible needs of our students. We expertise the trend on one- on-one coaching, in which we firmly believe our success relies upon.
    • In order to increase flexibility, we also provide our candidates with group class sessions and online sessions for a very pocket friendly budget and have helped a large number of students to conquer the PTE examination with ease.
    • Moreover, we are welcoming all our students to benefit the grant of unlimited practice materials and feedbacks from our specialized team of trainers who are willing to give their 100% to help their students bash the exam with flying colours.

    IELTS Training


    • The IELTS course provided by English firm runs over a period of one month helping the student stabilize in the needed field of study to the nail the exam targeting then specific bands.

    • Moreover, this course provided exclusive one-on-one coaching to help students to polish up their abilities in the English language with much attention from a single trainer which has proven to be highly effective when looked upon the results we have received over the past few years. Including unlimited study and practise materials and anytime feedback from the trainer is what makes our IELTS course to strike out among the others.

    NAATI Training


    • The customized NAATI Tamil program brought to you by English firm includes the expertise trainers on the languages; Hindi, Nepali and Tamil. Comprehensive training providing by our trainers has been able to bring great success for our students who acquired assistance in NAATI preparation from our institution.

    • As this course runs over all the days of the weeks, we provide one-on-one coaching proving to be successful in regards with effectiveness which has made our Firm to stand out in the region of Sydney among the others.

    General English Training


    • In this English native country, we have customized a General English training programme, including variety of training programmes as; Intensive programs of 10 and 20 sessions expanding to a long term training program with a monthly subscription, all inclusive of free assessments from our attentive and devoted team of instructors.

    • We have helps our fellow members to polish up their language skills and day to day communication which has immensely helped them to get through the daily needs and circumstances with the knowledge of proper English language.

    About EnglishFirm

    English Firm : We are your PTE Coach

    Englishfirm is the one of the best PTE coaching academies in Sydney.  Among 52 PTE institutes in Sydney, we are the only training centre in Sydney that offers 100% one-on-one coaching. Englishfirm has 2 branches in Sydney, operating 7 day a week. We operate from Sydney CBD campus (Pitt Street) and Parramatta.

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    Mock Tests

    Practice Materials

    Repeated Questions

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    Our Trainers

    Nimisha James – Head trainer

    Nimisha has been in the field of PTE specialization and coaching for over 4 years and she has been inspiring students through her special techniques of learning and leading the students to acquire the tips and strategies with ease. Despite being a highly qualified professional, she has always been a modest trainer with great enthusiasm whilst creating interest in students to learn and conquer PTE exams. She can be addressed as the noteworthy trainer in PTE coaching at English firm.


    PTE , General English and Mentoring

    Outside PTE training:

    Reading, Netflix and exploring walks

    Avanti – Associate Trainer

    Avanti, a well-trained instructor representing English firm is one of the important personalities connected to our institution. She has excelled as an IELTS and PTE trainer over a year’s period of time. Despite being a busy body, she has always taken initiative by taking students’ inquiries into consideration, helping them clear their doubts and obstacles in the English language.



    Outside PTE training:

    Reading, Netflix 

    Vandana - Trainer

    Vandana is a graduate in mass Communication and possesses extensive experience in PTE coaching and training. Not only has she specialized training, but also in building up friendly relationships with students to pave them their path to success.

    Despite being a qualified professional, her enthusiasm in being a helping hand for the students reaching out for help is over the boundaries and her willingness to give her 100% to English firm Melbourne, which we believe makes her to be one of the profound trainers at English firm.

    Outside PTE training:

    Reading, watching movies, travelling.

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    Google Reviews – Englishfirm Students

      5 star review  Very useful tips and tricks to get high scores. Thanks to Nimisha and all staff. I did not practice enough and got required Score.

      thumb Gurprit Saini
      May 24, 2021

      5 star review  I got more than required in PTE for my nursing registration. Nimisha 😍made me confident in applying strategies in my PTE. She simplified PTE so much and made it easy to grasp. And most importantly she motivated me and always encouraged me. There are no words that can describe how great Nimisha is. I would not have been confident in the exam without her guidance. I 100% recommend English firm ❤️They amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggg 😊😊😊😊

      thumb Diana Amanoel
      May 14, 2021

      5 star review  I'm Reilly thankful to you 🙏 Really appreciate your professional gesture To elevate the English skills n Assist to achieve more than desire score Thank You again ☺️🙏

      April 28, 2021

      5 star review  I joined another institution and wrote PTE exam multiple times. But I always faced difficulty in my speaking because my pronunciation score was very less. Although, finally I joined this center via online class and continued my practice. Then, I wrote my PTE exam after 2 week. I got my desired score in speaking and reading.. so that, I can clear my PTE exam. Thank you so much. Nimisha madam and other teams for your valuable support and guidance.

      thumb Shanty PK
      April 20, 2021


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    Englishfirm is industry leader in PTE one-on-one coaching. We value individual development and our trainers are committed to that. We have been training students in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Auckland and Australian cities like Adelaide, Auburn, Brisbane, Blacktown, Canberra, Clayton, Craigieburn, Cairns, Darwin, Epping, Fortitude Valley, Gold coast,Geelong,  Hobart,Hurstville, Liverpool, Melbourne, Newcastle, Noble Park,  Parramatta, Perth, Rockdale, Sydney, Strathfield, Tarneit, Toowoomba, Wollongong and Werribee



    Our Locations

    • Level 5 Suite 505/118 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150
    • 370 Pitt St,  Sydney NSW 2000
    • Level 21, 459 Collins Street,Melbourne

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