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PTE Listening – Select Missing Words

Out of the four sections of the PTE test, the Listening section has the highest number of question types. There are a total of eight question types in this section. We are going to discuss Select Missing Words in this article.

What to expect from this question type?

Here you would be listening to a short paragraph, and you would be given 4 options to select your answer from. An audio would be played, however, the last word, or a few words would be beeped out. You have to listen to the audio carefully and select the appropriate response to complete the sentence from the given options.

Marking Criteria:

You would be getting 2 to 3 questions of this type in your exam. You will be getting 1 point for every correct response. In total, this task contributes around 1.3 points maximum out of 90 for your Listening section. This is one of the low priority tasks in the test for this section, although make sure that you do not skip this task. Learn PTE with Nimisha

How to perform this task?

Before the audio for this task starts, skim through the options once. Once the audio starts, start listening to it carefully. Try to understand the grammar, the tense of the passage, the repeated words, and the context. It is absolutely crucial to understand the context in this case carefully. Do not get distracted while listening to the audio, specially, the last sentence, as the beep will be in the last sentence. Make sure you focus only on the audio when it is played. As soon as you hear the beep, you can select the option that makes the most sense and complete the sentence that you just heard.

You must also keep in mind that the listening section has 2 sub-parts. Part 1 is Summarise Spoken Text and Part 2 includes the other 7 tasks. The listening section Part 2 has a total timer, which means that you have to manage your own time in this part so that you would be able to solve all the questions of the Listening section on time. Also remember, Write from Dictation is the most important question type for your Listening and Writing scores, so, you must have at least 6 to 8 minutes to solve this question type. Overall, you would get 22 to 28 minutes to solve the entire listening section (excluding Summarise Spoken Text, which you can solve in 10 minutes for each question). Remember, there is no rollover time from Summarise Spoken Text to the rest of the Listening section. So, use your time wisely here.

For Select Missing Words, you can spend around 5 to 10 seconds after the audio to solve the question, that is, to select the correct response. Another point to remember is, you cannot press NEXT while the audio is going on, so make use of the time that you have by listening to the audio carefully. As this question type is a low priority task, make sure you do not spend a lot of time here.

Stay calm, relax and concentrate – is the key to scoring better in this task. Join our Parramatta coaching for PTE classes today.

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