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PTE Personal Introduction

Before the actual PTE exam starts, there is a section wherein you are given the opportunity to introduce yourself in a few seconds, this is known as the Personal Introduction section.

This section is actually a part of the speaking section, it comes just before the evaluated speaking module. This section is a non-evaluated section. Although it is a very important part of the exam. “Why?” You may ask. There are a few advantages of the PTE personal introduction.

Let’s discuss this in detail:

What test-takers tend to do most of the times is they tend to skip this section as it is anyway not evaluated, however, it is crucial for us to attempt this task. Mainly, it can help Boost Confidence! When you know that a task is not going to be evaluated, you naturally tend to not stress on that task. As a result, you would perform extremely well here in this part. You would not hesitate, your voice would be normal – moderate speed and volume, and most importantly, you would be calm and composed. These are all the traits that you require to score well in your speaking section.

As you must be well aware, that Speaking section can get a little tricky or may make us feel anxious, it is of utmost importance for us to score well in the Speaking section, as it contributes not only to the Speaking section itself, but also in the Reading and Listening sections. In fact, it includes one of the most important questions of these sections.

By performing the PTE Personal Introduction well, with confidence, then it can give you a great head start for the exam and helps you keep motivated. It is proven that the candidates who perform well in the personal introduction section, usually feel better and hence perform well in the entire exam.

How does this task look?

The Personal Introduction task runs for 30 seconds (Relatively small and goes away quickly!). There would be a progress bar that will help you keep track of the time and help you understand how long you can speak for.

What can you include in this section?

  • Name: you can start the introduction like any normal introduction that you may give. Start by stating your Full Name.
  • Next, you can move on to stating how long have you been staying in Australia?
  • What are you currently doing? – That is, you can say where you have been studying or working at the moment.
  • Lastly, the reason why you are attempting the exam. You can say for studying or for Permanent Residency, etc.

While introducing yourself, make sure you do not hesitate and do not take unnecessary pauses, as it will make you seem hesitant, and it would appear that you are not confident enough. Sit upright and speak with natural pauses.

So, stay calm, prepare well and nail you test with a great start! Learn PTE with Nimisha

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