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Pronunciation in PTE

As you all may know that Speaking section is the most important section in the PTE test, as it can give you points in three sections in total, Speaking, Reading as well as Listening. Also, you cannot get Speaking scores from any other section. Hence, it is very critical for us to perform well in the Speaking section.

Most of you are dreaded by the Speaking section (I know! We have all been there!). But do not panic, in this article we will discuss how to improve your score in the Speaking section, specially through Pronunciation.

The Speaking section is evaluated mainly by three parameters:


Oral Fluency


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For each question and question type that you solve here, you get points divided into these three categories. So, let’s look into a few pointers that will help you improve your pronunciation score, which would help you crack that 90 in you Speaking module.

Regardless of the question type, the way that you speak in the entire Speaking section must be uniform. You do not require to have an accent or mimic the regular speakers of the language. It is simply scored by determining if your speech can be easily understood by the native English speakers.

Low pronunciation score is a contributor to low Speaking scores, so let’s have a look at what we can do to improve our Pronunciation scores in speaking.

Enunciation: Rule of the thumb would be enunciating the words. This is probably the most important aspect of pronunciation, as murmuring or not opening the mouth which speaking would result in the microphone not catching your voice properly. So, remember to practice speaking with clarity.

Phonetic Sounds: Try to get the pronunciation of the words itself correct. Make sure you focus on the each and every sound in the word, be it the consonant or vowel. Do not replace your phonetic sounds, at it may change the entire word, and you may lose your score, specially, in Read Aloud. To improve your Phonetics, you can look into the 44 phonetic sounds of English. All you got to do is listen to each sound individually and mimic the sounds. You may find that you cannot pronounce some of the phonetics, all you got to do is make a list of such sounds. Keep practicing the sounds that you have made a note of daily to improve the sounds. Once you have improved the phonetic sounds, your pronunciation score would definitely boost up.

Voice Pitch: A very high-pitched voice has proven to not be caught be the microphone in the PTE test. If you are someone who has a high-pitched voice, you would have to practice the normal pitch. We have tested when a person speaks in a high pitch, their clarity deteriorates and the microphone tends to catch a noise, due to which, pronunciation scores are depreciated. So, practice speaking in a normal or a slightly low pitch.

Microphone Positioning: Always ensure that you check the microphone positioning, as ignoring that may lead your voice not being caught at all, or your breath might be caught in it as well. Also, once you have fixed the position of the microphone, do not keep touching it as it created a noise while doing so.

Remember, pronunciation can’t be improved in a day, so keep practicing daily and don’t give up!!


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