PTE for Australian PR

Many students wonder if PTE is the right step for Permanent Residency in Australia. The answer to this wonderment is that it is actually the best step one could take in order to get maximum points for Australian Permanent residency which make PTE 79 score the most coveted among aspirants. Here at Englishfirm we did research to provide students in depth and comprehensive knowledge of PTE and how it can help to secure your dream life in Australia.

PTE Introduction:

You must be wondering what PTE actually is. PTE which actually stands for Pearson English Language Test is an unbiased and most convenient English test available online. It is a computer based test which scores marks in four different sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Speaking. These marks are given out of 90 for each section and an overall score of 90 is decided based on individual sections. PTE is one of the most popular English exams and preferred by students all over the world as it is fast and easy. It usually takes 3 hours to complete the test and results are usually published within 48 hours of giving the test.

Sections in PTE:

As mentioned before, PTE tests four basic skills one should know to master a language. Each section have different tasks assigned to it as listed:

Speaking: This is the most important section for PTE exam and it contains following tasks

Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture and Answer Short Questions.

Writing: After Speaking in PTE exam writing section come which contains following tasks:

Summarise Written Text and Write Essay.

Reading: Once writing finishes students are presented with reading section which has following tasks:

Multiple Choice-Single Answer, Multiple Choice-Multiple Answer, Reorder Paragraph, Reading Fill in the Blanks, Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks.

Listening: The last section that appears after 10 minute optional break is listening that contains enumerated tasks:

Summarise Spoken Text, Multiple Choice-Single Answer, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice-Multiple Answer, Highlight Correct Summary, Select Missing Word, Highlight Incorrect Words, Write From Dictation

Steps for PR application and significance of PTE

There are many different VISAS one can apply in order to obtain Permanent Residency in Australia. To give an example the most popular ones are 189, 190 and 491. 189 is also known as skilled independent VISA, 190- state nominated VISA and 491- regional VISA. No matter which type of VISA you apply for, the steps remain the same.

In Australia, one is granted PR based on his points on skill select and there are different things that give points to an aspirant. To list things that you get points on:

Age, Education, English Skill, Skilled Employment, Partner Skills, Study in Australia/Regional Area, Credentialled Community Language, Professional Year in Australia, Nominated by State.

Each and every one of them have different points. So the first step for a PR application is to gain as many points as one can. After you have those points it is also important to get a positive skills assessment from an authorised body as for Engineering it is Engineers Australia and so on. Once an aspirant has collected desired points and a positive outcome of their skill assessment they can file an application. Second step here is to create an account on skill select and apply for Expression of Interest in their desired VISA process i.e 189, 190 and 491. After applying for an EOI once approved by a state they are invited to file for PR and this is the place where points play a huge role as people with higher points are usually called first.

Thus, at this point PTE score can make/break your PR dream. There are three categories to English skills and points given for them as follows:

Competent English: 0

Proficient English: 10

Superior English: 20

As one can observe there is a complete 20 points difference between a competent English speaker and Superior English Speaker. PR application where even a 5 point difference is a huge opportunity having 20 points extra puts you before almost 50% of the total applicant. Also, PTE is one of the easiest ways to gain those extra 20 points and make PR applications less challenging.

PTE vs IELTS: Which one is better for PR?

Lot of students wonder which exam to opt for. To be honest, PTE is the best bet one can place to get good results and superior English for PR applications. As PTE scoring is easier and it involves lots of tricks and templates that if one is familiar with it, they can easily get a good score. On the other hand IELTS is considered to be one of the most difficult English exams and it is hard to get 8 bands in IELTS in a short amount of time.

PTE Score- Accelerate PR Application

As mentioned before there is a complete 20 points difference between a competent and superior English Speaker. These point differences can accelerate your PR application by months. As one who has a 50 score in PTE after receiving correct guidance and improving his skill by practice can easily achieve 79+ in a months time making him a superior English speaker therefore gaining 20 extra points which will put his application ahead of hundreds of students thereby getting a positive PR outcome sooner.

Assistance for PTE:

Most crucial thing when applying for PTE is to get the right guidance. Englishfirm is one of the best coaching institutes to make your dream come true. When one is studying for PTE it is of utmost importance to get regular feedback and individual strategies. As no two people are the same so being in a huge group class generally will not make a difference to your skills. So, for all aspirants who are aiming for 79+ it is important to have a trainer that is invested in your success and helps you at all steps with proper guidance and materials.

Eligibility Criteria for PR:

In order to apply for PR in Australia one needs to be:

  • Below the Age of 45.
  • Have minimum 65 points on point calculator
  • Receive and invitation to apply
  • Have and occupation on the Skilled Occupation List
  • Be in possession of a suitable skills assessment for the occupation
  • Have an English Test Score.

Best Time to apply for PR

At present is actually the golden opportunity for PR applications in Australia. Pre Covid the number of applications was very high. However, post covid the scenario has changed. Almost 500,000 international students have left Australia for their home country and with border restriction offshore applications have been reduced drastically. The competition is lessened at present where students have been getting invites for as low as 70-75 points. The States have eased their process and increased their seats as Australia is facing a huge skilled shortage especially in critical areas like Registered Nurses, Age Care, Midwife etc. To illustrate, New South Wales have added many occupations in their skilled occupation list where earlier it used to be 49 occupation it has now increased to 99 occupation giving students in those occupations huge opportunity to get a quick turn around in their application. So, if you have a positive outcome on your skills assessment it is the right time to maximise your PTE score and apply for PR invitation as Australia is in critical shortage of workforce.

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