In PTE, knowledge of basic English language is of utmost importance. That includes knowledge of Grammar, Collocations and Vocabulary. Most students feel just knowing Grammar is all that is required, however, the knowledge of vocabulary and vast use of it is what is required as well.


What is Vocabulary?

A person’s vocabulary is a collection of often used terms in their language. In this case, it would be the combination of words used in the English language. It is the combination of words used by the native speakers of the language. Vocabulary doesn’t only improve your spoken English skills, but also writing and listening skills. Hence, it is significant to have a good knowledge of vocabulary for the PTE exam.

In this exam, there is a requirement to use certain vocabulary to get the score. As an example, vocabulary would mean avoiding redundant words like “very”. Vocabulary is one of the parameters in the enabling skills section of the PTE Score Report.

There are certain tasks in PTE that contribute towards the Vocabulary score. It is scored out of 90 points, and it mainly comes from 3 sections, PTE Speaking, Writing and Listening.

Tasks that contribute towards Vocabulary:

  • Essay (Writing section)
  • Summarise Written Text (Writing section)
  • Summarise Spoken Text (Listening section)
  • Answer Short Question (Speaking section)

To get that perfect score in Vocabulary, there are a few tips that would help you out.

Keep it Simple!

Although it might seem that you can get an exceptional score if you use complex words. Well! The truth is that NO!! it would not. On the flipside, it might result in a lower score. There is a limited vocabulary for PTE, so it’s quite clear that using complex language and complex sentence structure can result in lower vocabulary scores. So, make sure that you keep your language simple and to the point.

Avoid Redundant words:

This is a common one! For instance, instead of saying ‘very tired’ – use exhausted or drained.

Improve your Vocabulary:

There are plenty of ways to improve your vocabulary. It will help you use words in a better way. A strong vocabulary knowledge allows for more accurate writing and eliminates the use of ambiguous words. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all improved when you have a vast vocabulary.

There are several ways to avoid the use of redundant words and improving vocabulary:

  • Start reading (Absolutely anything – news, books, papers, you name it!!)
  • Learn new words as and when you can
  • Make a list of words and read it everyday
  • Use the new words in your daily life
  • Start small – learn 5 to 10 words daily
  • Look for synonyms
  • Listen and make note of the native speakers

Remember, this will not only help improve your English abilities for PTE, but also for your daily life. Find out more in Video Tutorials


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