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The listening section of the PTE exam includes 8 question types. Basically, it tests the candidate’s listening abilities. Summarise Spoken Test is one of the most important question types that contribute the points towards Listening as well as Writing sections.


What is expected out of you through Summarise Spoken Text?


In this section, the candidate can get 2 to 3 questions, where they will hear an audio with the prompt length of 60 to 90 seconds. The audio starts automatically and is played only once. This audio would be a lecture, listening to which the candidate has to create a summary. The candidate is given 10 minutes to finish this task, with no rollover time. The summary must be between the range of 50 to 70 words. There is a text box which is provided to write the answer along with “Cut”, “Copy” and “Paste” buttons. The points for this task are calculated on the basis of the precision of the candidate’s answer according to the relevance of the lecture.


Mark Distribution for Summarise Spoken Text:


This question type can give you 10 points each, which is based on 5 main parameters:

  1. Content: Content is scored by determining whether your answer includes all the key points from the lecture, and the relevance of your content. If you are not able to capture the key points from the lecture, your summary will be scored zero.
  2. Form: Form is scored by counting the number of words that you write from your response. The number of words have to be between the range of 50 and 70 words. Although, if your response is less that 40 or more than 100 words, your response will be scored zero for the entire summary.
  3. Grammar: Grammar is scored by checking the structure of the sentences in your response. Your response must have a clear and concise meaning.
  4. Spellings: Your response must have no spelling errors. Each question must follow only a single spelling convention. Do not mix the spelling conventions in a single response.
  5. Vocabulary: Vocabulary is scored according to the relevance of the lecture, and the use of academic words in your response.


Let’s have a look at how we can solve this question type:


To score a perfect 10 in Summarise Spoken Text, you would have to take notes of relevant and important key words and/or phrases while listening to the lecture, in the erasable notepad which is provided in the exam. Next, you would be writing your response in the given text box. You can use the format, which would make it easier for you to form your answer. You would have to just put in your keywords and phrases in the format and make sure your structure of the answer is precise and grammatically correct. Spend your time wisely, and make sure you have time remaining at the end to proofread your response. Along with relevance, time management is extremely important for this question type.


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PTE summarize spoken text template

pte summarize spoken text template

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