PTE Negative Marking PTE Negative Marking PTE Negative Marking

One of the many questions that candidates are concerned about is “Is there any negative marking in PTE?” The answer to this is YES. There are a few tasks that can give you negative marking in the PTE exam.

What sections give you negative marking in PTE exam?


The tasks that give you negative marking are:

  1. Multiple Choice – Multiple Answers -> Reading Section
  2. Multiple Choice – Multiple Answers -> Listening Section
  3. Highlight Incorrect Words -> Listening Section

How to avoid Negative Marking in PTE?


Multiple Choice – Multiple Answers (Listening and Reading)

In these question types, you have to select answers that are correct (usually 2-3 answers) from given 4 to 6 options. If you select the correct answer, you get +1 for your response, but if you select the wrong response, you get a -1 for your response. If for the answers that you’ve selected, your score is less than zero, the total score, however, would just be “0”. As negative marking does not affect the overall scoring of the respective sections.

In order to avoid negative marking in these questions, you must:

  • Select at least one option as your response. Never leave any question unanswered in PTE.
  • Pick the option that you are 100% sure of. If you are in doubt, do not select that option.
  • If you feel that you are confident about just one answer, then select just one option. This would help you avoid any negative marking.

Highlight Incorrect Words (Listening)

In this question type, you would be listening to an audio and the transcript would be in front of you, however, a few words from the text would be replaced with a similar looking or a similar sounding word. You need to highlight those incorrect words in order to get the score. This question contributes to the Listening and Reading section.

How are you scored here?

  • For selecting an incorrect word, you get “+1”,
  • For NOT selecting an incorrect word, you get “0”,
  • For selecting a correct word, you get “-1”.

In order to avoid negative marking in this question, you must:

  1. Select the word which you are confident about
  2. If you are doubtful about any word, do NOT select that word
  3. If you have selected the correct word, immediately click on it again to unselect it, to avoid negative marking
  4. Do not select any word once the audio has ended.

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