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In Read Aloud PTE, you will be analysed for 2 parts: Reading and Speaking with 30 marks for Reading and 20 for speaking. Scoring is in 3 categories – Content, Oral Fluency, and Pronunciation  All these contribute 5 points each to the exercise thus adding up to a total score of 15 points.

What are you expected to do in this question type?

In this exercise, you will be given a paragraph, usually around 1 to 4 lines long. You are given 40 seconds to prepare, and then 40 seconds to record. Each Read Aloud can give you 15 points, and you can get around 6 to 7 questions in the test. As the name suggests, Read Aloud gives you scores not only in Speaking, but also in the Reading section. In fact, it is one of the most important question types for the Reading section. It can give a maximum of 22.2 in the Speaking section out of 90, and it can give around 22.1 points in total out of 90 in Reading section.

How will you be marked in read aloud PTE?

For Read Aloud, you will be tested on 3 parameters, which are:

  • Oral Fluency (5)
  • Pronunciation (5)
  • Content (5)

Oral Fluency (OF): For OF score, you will be tested on the way that you speak.

  • You need to maintain fluent speech
  • Speak with moderate speed – Not too fast or too slow
  • Have natural pauses – Don’t pause for too long.
  • The ease with which you speak

Pronunciation: For the Pronunciation scores, the clarity of your speech is mainly tested.

  • You need to be clear – Enunciate – Do not mumble.
  • Make sure you check the pronunciation of difficult words.
  • Make note of the difficult words in your preparation time so that you are confident while speaking.

Content: For the Content score, the accuracy of your speech will be tested. These scores will contribute towards the Reading section. Mainly remember 3 things:

  • No addition of words
  • No omission of words
  • No replacement of words

How to get the perfect score in read aloud PTE?

Firstly, do not mimic the native speakers. Don’t imitate the way they speak or the accent in which they speak. Chances are that the computer software would not be able to understand you.

Secondly, don’t be too loud or too soft. The microphone in the test is extremely sensitive, so make sure you speak in the normal tone and volume.

Finally, always keep an eye on the timer. There is a 3 second buffer throughout the recording time, if you stay quiet for more that 3 seconds, the microphone will shut off and nothing will be recorded.

How to improve your score?

Prepare yourself by reading the response throughout the 30-40 second preparation time. Try reading the text aloud as though you were delivering the actual response. Make a note of words that are complex or difficult to pronounce and practice them. This would prepare you for the real recording.

Try taking minimum pauses, do not pause a lot as that could break the rhythm. Do not intonate while speaking. Try to keep your tone as natural and flat as possible, as that would help the computer to understand you even better.

Remember that confidence is key. Be confident and don’t let the nervousness get the best of you.


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