In this blog I am going to give you a few PTE Repeat Sentence tips in the speaking module. 

PTE Repeat Sentence Introduction

Firstly, I will give you a description of the exercise. You will get 3 seconds to prepare after which you will hear a single sentence (which might be comprised of 4-5 seconds). After 2-3 seconds you will ***hear a beep to repeat the sentence what the speaker said.

You will probably get 10-12 questions with 13 points to each question. So this exercise is quite important. You will be scored on 3 sections namely – Content, Oral fluency, and Pronunciation with Content contributing 3 pts and the rest 2 contributing 5 pts each. 

Tip 1 

For content, you will attain the maximum score only if you can tell all the words in the correct sequence. Even if you skip any word, or you forget a word as you speak, try to replace it with any other word that comes to your mind because when you make any disruption, you will be compromising your score in Oral Fluency. So, you can maximize your score in Oral Fluency by speaking continuously and can maximize your score in Pronunciation if you speak very loud and clear with stressing the words correctly and taking in to account the correct techniques to deal with vowels, consonants, connected sentences, etc.

Tip 2

The only way to tackle this exercise is focussing on the first part of the exercise. When you will hear the audio, try to understand the sentence rather than memorizing it. Try to split the sentence into parts having a meaning. And then when you try to repeat the sentence, try to mean what you say so that you will focus more on what you are trying to say meaningfully rather than just repeating the words you just heard. This will naturally improve your Oral Fluency and Pronunciation. 


In conclusion, this exercise contributes an internal scoring of 20 marks to Listening and 30 marks to Speaking. The only way to tackle this is by practicing maximum questions possible. So if you are looking for any help, or a mentor to guide you through your preparation, Englishfirm is always there for you. For all face to face classes, you can book a free session at website. If you just need a mentor. to evaluate and give feedback for all your reading, speaking, listening & writing sections, please email us at [email protected]. We will assign you a free PTE mentor.  So, please sign up and check out to know more! Stay tuned for more PTE Repeat Sentence Tips.

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