How to get 8 bands in IELTS?

How to get 8 bands in IELTS?

Aim 8 bands in IELTS but don’t know how. Don’t worry Englishfirm has got you covered.
There are two major important things that one needs to do in order to secure 8 bands in
IELTS and that is practice and right guidance. If you have both of them no one can stop
you from securing 8 bands in IELTS. Read further to know more about IELTS and tips
to achieve your target.

Ace your scoring:

In IELTS maximum band is 9 which is divided into individual module of Reading,
Writing, Listening and Speaking. Examiner gives individual score and then average is
taken which becomes your overall band score. The thing to keep in mind here is
maximize your strength and eliminate your weakness meaning try to secure maximum
band in the module which you feel you are strongest at and get minimum marks
required for the module you feel you are weakest at. In this way your overall average
will be high. For example if your aim is overall 8 and you need individual min. 7 bands
and you feel you are strongest in Listening and speaking and week at writing. Then aim
to secure full 9 bands in listening and speaking and at least 7 in writing so your overall
average is more than 8. Don’t aim for min. required band in all modules. Maximize your
strength and eliminate your weakness should be your motto to get high bands in IELTS.

Practice makes a person perfect :

Not a secret but very important indeed that practice is what will make you reach from
your 7.5 bands to 8 bands. Keep practicing all module and with time. Always practice
with your timer on and don’t take that time for granted because in exam many students
have lost marks due to time and that one mark can be a difference between 7.5 and 8

Finding a partner :

Always practice speaking with a partner because it will not help you improve on your
language skills but also will give you the much needed confidence to face the
interviewer in exam. In Englishfirm we make sure that with every lesson you get your
speaking practice as well as most of the institutes overlook this important module which
can make and break your score.

Idea Bank :

Be it writing or speaking an Idea bank is very important. Always prepare an idea bank
for yourself thinking which question can be related to what different question that you
might get in exam. For example if you prepare a question about your best fried then the
same answer can be use for person who is your idol or person you are closest with or
person whose advice you took etc. Don’t think you will think in the exam. Be prepared
for whatever question they ask you in exam.

Be familiar with different types of question :

Be familiar with all the types of questions that are asked in reading. That’s why at
Englishfirm we use different activities to prepare for Reading. instead of directly jumping
into Reading passages it is important to make the task interesting and fun. And the best
way to do it is learn with fun activities.

Read Transcript for difficult section in listening :

While practicing if some section were difficult for you to follow through ask your
friend/study buddy to read the transcript at a slower rate and see where is that you are
making and this the method which we follow at English as we know it isn’t always easy
to find yourself a study partner but at Englishfirm you can.

Be Prepared for Writing :

Do you find writing challenging? Then don’t worry because the best method to ace
writing is to prepare a template that is unique to you then in exam you don’t have to
keep thinking on how to start and end your essays. Also, feedbacks are must to get high
score in writing because you cannot improve unless you know your mistakes. So,
always take the feedbacks into account and ensure that your next essay is much better
that your previous one. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to practice all the
different types of essay that you can get in exam and be familiar with their vocabulary.

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NAATI Success Tips

NAATI Success Tips

Many student wonder if it is difficult to crack NAATI for a non native/native language speaker and the answer is
NO. NAATI exam is held in various languages be it Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil etc. and one things is common
for all of them that is one can easily clear NAATI exam with right guidance and practice. Here are few tips that
one should follow in order to pass their NAATI exam.

1. Advance Booking
Book your exam in advance as there are limited seats for NAATI and you don’t want to get dates after a year
because then you won’t feel like preparing. Although if you get late dates you can always prepone it and
Englishfirm helps you with preponing your dates so that as soon you are prepared you can appear for the test.

2. Test Familiarity
It is very important that one is familiar with scoring pattern of NAATI and know what needs to be done in order
to score the minimum requirement. Students need to be aware that there are no bands in NAATI, however, one
should have overall 63+ and individual 29+ in order to clear the test.

3. Vocabulary
One of the major roles is played by vocabulary in NAATI exam. It is very important that you are up to date with
the vocabulary especially for important topic that appear in NAATI every once in a while.

4. Scoring Pattern
Be very cautious about omission, addition and distortion as you can have maximum penalty of 5 marks due to
these mistakes. Hence, it is of utmost importance that while practicing to keep in mind that one needs to
convey meaning without changing information and meaning of the sentence as it can have great repercussions.

5. Prepare for Exam day
It is crucial that one has given many mock exams that prepare them for the exam day. One needs to get them
familiar with Proctor exam and how the audio will be played because in the end no matter how much you have
prepared if you let your nerves get over you the likelihood of passing diminishes. That’s why at Englishfirm
towards the exam we have invaluable number of mock exams so that students are confident and well prepared
to clear their NAATI test.

6. Rapport with Trainer
Although at times neglected but being trained by a trainer who is invested in you and provides you complete
attention is very important to improve in NAATI. Sometime students make a mistake of joining a group class
where their weakness never comes in front of trainer as trainer can’t pay enough attention in a group of 15-20
and that’s why we at Englishfirm provided one on one training so that students clear their exam in first attempt
itself. As NAATI being an expensive exam it is crucial that you are well prepared for it instead of attempting it

7. Practicing Repeated Question
In NAATI especially Hindi many a times same question have repeated in exams. So, it is very important that
one is aware of them and have practiced them multiple times. Doing this not only ensure good result but also
is a good method of revising all the important vocabularies.


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