Students wonder if PTE is actually easier in comparison to IELTS or OET and the answer lies in Scoring. Yes, PTE is easier in comparison to other forms of English language exam as PTE scoring is easier in comparison to IELTS and OET scoring. There are definite scoring strategies that one can use in order to achieve their desired result. Here at Englishfirm we have compiled a list of it to make it easier for our students to get their desired result in the very first attempt itself. We at Englishfirm prioritize our students and their needs above anything else. So, here are a few basic scoring guidelines that need to be followed while attempting your PTE exam.

Interconnected Scoring:

Firstly, the main difference between PTE and other exams is that in PTE all scores are interrelated to each other. One cannot get a good score in one module without doing well in other. So, it becomes utmost important that students not only focus on one module but also concentrate on PTE score as a whole. The scores are interelated based on the actions you are performing while doing a task. For example, while doing Read Aloud, a student is not only doing speaking but reading as well. Hence the marks are contributed to both speaking and reading.

Different Modules Different Weightage:

Not all modules are equally important in PTE. Different module have different priority and it is essential for students to know about it. Speaking and listening are one of the modules that contributes maximum marks in PTE exam in comparison to Reading and Writing. Hence, if one focuses on unimportant ones more than the important modules the chances of getting high score diminishes with every practice.

Scoring Basis:

The basis of scoring depends on different factors in different section of PTE. Here is an overview of it.

  • Speaking: In general, to get high score in speaking three things need to be perfect and that is Oral Fluency, Pronunciation and content. However, at times students focus too much on vocabulary and grammar leading then to make mistakes in their fluency which ultimately results in low score for PTE.
  • Writing: The two tasks in writing have a very similar scoring but the most important one is form and content. One should always keep in mind the word limit. In writing grammar, vocabulary and lexical resource do play a major role and it is very crucial to understand what software is looking for.
  • Reading: Different tasks in reading carries different weightage. The multiple choice only gives less than 5 marks to reading where as Reading module on its own contributes approximately 40 to reading which means that another 50 comes from remaining modules.
  • Listening: It is the next important module after speaking carrying the second highest marks. However, not every task in listening is important which makes it important for aspirants to identify scoring task from not so scoring one as giving energy on significant topics will ensure their high score and here good guidance plays a very important role.

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