The Credentialed Community Language Test (CCL)-NAATI exam is given by many aspirants to secure 5
points for their residency process. Here is brief ovwrview on Naati and what it is actually. It is an
assessment of your language abilities at a community level which is mostly taken by the applicants who
are looking to lodge a point-based visa application. After passing the test, the students are awarded five
points for their visa lodgment. These bonus points are also referred to as Credentialed Community
Language Points. However, this test does not certify you to work as a professional interpreter or a

Test Format:

NAATI CCL tests are delivered online and students from overseas can appear for the same.
The test consists of two dialogue recordings. Each dialogue represents a conversation between a native
English Speaker and a native Language Other Than English (LOTE) speaker. Each dialogue is
approximately 300 words, with about half in English and half in the LOTE. The dialogues are divided into
segments of 35 words or less.
The time allotted for the exam is 20 minutes in which NAATI expects you to complete the test. To clear
the test one should score overall minimum 63/90 and individual dialogue minimum 29/45. Naati exam is
done in many languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and with new languages being added up like Telugu,
Gujrati etc.

Topics Covered:

The dialogues used will reflect real-life situations in Australian society. They are designed to examine a
candidate’s ability to understand both languages and communicate in them. The topics may include:
• Business
• Consumer Affairs
• Employment
• Health
• Immigration/Settlement
• Legal
• Community
• Education
• Financial
• Housing
• Insurance
• Social Services

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