Don’t trip on these Common Mistakes in PTE Exam

Don’t trip on these Common Mistakes in PTE Exam

PTE Exam Format PTE Exam Format


PTE is one of the most taken exam especially in Australia and also the easiest one. However, the question arises that if PTE is so easy to do why students fail so many times and have to repeat it numerous times. The answer lies in small things that students overlook while attempting PTE. Here at Englishfirm we have made PTE aspirants life easy by pointing the common mistakes that students usually make and how to avoid these mistake in future to get their perfect. Here is a lost of few of those slipups.

  1. Stopping at full stops and commas: What students fail to realize is that PTE is checked by software and software has its algorithm to allot marks to a candidate and stopping at punctuation is one the major blunder that students perform.
  1. Skipping Repeat Sentences: This is one of the major mistake that students make is skipping repeat sentences when they are unable to get the sentence clearly making them loose marks for one of the most important task in PTE.
  1. Overanalyzing Image: PTE is a general English test and is not aiming to test analysis skills of a candidate by overanalyzing image a student is at a risk of loosing points due to error in fluency and pronunciation.
  1. Grammatical and Spelling Errors: Students focus too much on paraphrasing summarizes written text and loose sight of an overall picture causing them shortage in time.
  1. Wrong Keyword: There have been many cases where an aspirant picked wrong keywords for his/her essay and ended up with zero marks for content.
  1. Improper Time Management: Reading being the most tedious task in PTE has caused many test takers to miss out on their score as they end up spending more time on unimportant questions instead of important ones.
  1. Task Priority: Many a times test takers have given less important question a higher priority in comparison to important ones especially in case of Section 2 as only three tasks out of seven are significant in listening.

Englishfirm has looked into many other errors that students make which cause them to fail and not get their desired score. Englishfirm aims to correct the mistakes of students and remove the root cause of it by providing structured courses and personalized coaching which has made thousands of students to clear PTE with flying colors.

PTE for Nursing Registration

PTE for Nursing Registration

PTE has gained global acceptance and have become extremely popular English examination in past few years. PTE is considered to be one the quickest and easiest examination to gain PR points and nursing registration in Australia. There are many students who get confused as to which test to take PTE, IELTS or OET for their nursing registration. Here with this article, Englishfirm aims to reduce that confusion by providing facts about how giving PTE examination can assure guaranteed result in a shortest amount of time and preparation.

Why PTE for AHPRA registration?

  • PTE score requirement for nursing registration is 65 above overall and individually in all four modules (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening).
  • PTE results can be combined to score 65 plus for nursing registration. For example, if in first exam you got 65 plus in all modules except reading and in second exam you got 65 plus in reading but 65 below in all other modules you can combine the two results for your registration.
  • As universities are now accepting admission to nursing courses based on PTE score it will become difficult for students to attempt OET due to unfamiliarity of medical vocabulary. Also, nurses who are looking for their registration it becomes easier for them to gain points in PTE as compare to OET.
  • PTE costs way less than an OET exam, which plays a huge role if budget is a constraint.
Other Factors
  • The result of PTE comes out within five days of giving examination and most of the time it gets release on the very next day where as IELTS and OET takes much more time to announce their result.
  • Tasks in PTE are easier to score in comparison to OET as OET makes use of medical terminology that everyone might not be familiar with.
  • PTE examination is much more nearer to the actual experience while working as a nurse that gives nurses boost in confidence and easier to work in future as they are already prepared for it.

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So, if your aspiration is to become a registered nurse the first thing that needs to be done is starting your preparation. Although, PTE is an easy examination but one should never underestimate the challenge these tasks present and proper preparation needs to be done before giving one. Therefore, start your journey as a registered nurse today at Englishfirm and don’t let this test scare you away from your dream job.

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