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  • Time Management – Most questions have a set timer and the others collectively have a time-limit. You should manage your time effectively between the questions having more weightage.
  • Negative Marking – Some questions have negative marking while others don’t. Keep track of the same. 
  • Scoring Pattern – You should know the criteria under which you will be scored for each exercise so that you can focus on the same to maximise your score.
  • Exam Format – You must know which all exercises come under each module and the internal scoring it provides to each module. The number of questions, time allotted to each question, etc must be thorough.
  • Tools and materials – After knowing the essentials about the test, it is time to search for the right tools and methods to start your preparation. 
  • Online accessibility – You can use the portal for online sources.
  • Sample Questions, Model Answers – Practice is as equally important as knowing the technique. Take mock tests to make sure you are well prepared.
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