General Tips for PTE Exam:

  • Have the habit of speaking, listening, and reading in English.
  • Be completely aware of your weak areas and strong areas and practice accordingly.
  • Relax your mind, and give rest to you a day before the exam.
  • On the test day, go to the test center a bit early. Carry your ID proof (passport) and other important documents.
  • Make sure the devices like keyboard, microphone, and headphones are working properly.
  • Pay attention to the timer.

Speaking Section:

  • Here, the questions will come with a timer.
  • Keeping a good audible tone, not too loud nor too soft and a normal pace of speaking.
  • Do not pause even if you make a mistake. Speak continuously.
  • Practice the pronunciation of the words you find difficult.
  • Train yourself to practice in an environment with a little hustle-bustle.

Writing Section:

  • Manage your time effectively.
  • Write in a structured format.
  • Keep the attention of the word limit
  • For the question, summarize written text, take note that it should be in one single sentence of 5-75 words. Also, make right use of punctuations.
  • Do not submit your essay even if you have completed it well before the time ends. Review it one last time.

Reading Section:

  • Certain types of questions have negative marking. So make sure you give a good thought before answering those questions.
  • Reading section tests your grammar skills very well. Do not make any grammar mistakes.
  • Keep track of time.

Listening Section:

  • You will be having an overall time of 45-57 minutes to answer the various types of questions asked. Thus, manage your time between the questions.
  • Pay attention as the audio will be played only once. There is no going back and replaying.
  • You will be having an erasable note board booklet. Take care of the overall time.

So what we gave you is a hint on the general key points to note while you take this test. There are many more points to consider. Kindly check our website to know more!


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