Listening  section is divided into 8 sub exercises:

  1. Summarize Spoken Text
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  3. Fill in the Blanks
  4. Highlight Correct Summary
  5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  6. Select Missing Word
  7. Highlight Incorrect Words
  8. Write from Dictation

Some common tips you can follow are:

    • Prioritize crucial tasks that carry the most weightage. These would actively contribute towards getting you a great score. 
    • The more familiar you are with the examination pattern, the less time you waste in figuring out how to handle a question.
    • You should be able to know when to manage time & when to let go or skip a question.
    • Concentrate on topic sentences and most repeated words.
    • Most of the time the rate of speech is fast. So be careful and listen.
    • Answers are mostly paraphrased. Be careful.
    • Note the answers in erasable notepad given by them and later fill the answers.
    • Note keywords in question.
    • Narrow down the options within the given time.
    • Understand the context of listening.
    • Keep track of the time.




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