Ways to crack PTE by Self-Study

Ways to crack PTE by Self-Study

  • Time Management – Most questions have a set timer and the others collectively have a time-limit. You should manage your time effectively between the questions having more weightage.
  • Negative Marking – Some questions have negative marking while others don’t. Keep track of the same. 
  • Scoring Pattern – You should know the criteria under which you will be scored for each exercise so that you can focus on the same to maximise your score.
  • Exam Format – You must know which all exercises come under each module and the internal scoring it provides to each module. The number of questions, time allotted to each question, etc must be thorough.
  • Tools and materials – After knowing the essentials about the test, it is time to search for the right tools and methods to start your preparation. 
  • Online accessibility – You can use the portal for online sources.
  • Sample Questions, Model Answers – Practice is as equally important as knowing the technique. Take mock tests to make sure you are well prepared.
Retaking PTE Examination

Retaking PTE Examination

  • PTE Academic uses an automated scoring system; hence, the possibility that your overall scores will change is very minute.
  • You must apply for a rescore within 14 calendar days of receiving the initial score.
  • Good practice in speaking and writing skills can improve your chances to score better when you retake the PTE Academic test.
  • In case of any change in score, the rescore fees will be fully refunded.
  • The new scores will replace the original figures and will be shown on a reissued test score report.  The new scores might be higher or lower.
  • You cannot apply for a rescore once you have sent the scores to institutions or after re-applying for a test.
  • Reviewing your score would cost half of another PTE test booking cost. If you spend a little more, you can retake the test and have a better chance of getting a high score than the recent one.
  • When you apply for rescoring, you are not assured whether your score will change at all, and if it does, it may also be lower than your recent score.
  • A rescore is permitted to be done on your most recent PTE Academic test only. If you have already booked to take the exam again or have allowed an institution to view the scores, a rescore is no longer an available option.
Obstacles  from Achieving Your Required Score in PTE

Obstacles from Achieving Your Required Score in PTE

  • Procrastination – Delaying things will not help you score for the PTE exam. Consistency is mandatory to maximize your score.
  • No proper practice – Failure to practice or take mock questions is another important mistake.
  • Not following the correct techniques – Following incorrect techniques can waste your time and can bring down your score.
  • Overconfidence
  • Failure in setting a Goal – Proper practice and learning schedule is important to keep a constant pick up pace and score.
  • Failure to determine the Quality of Material and practice resources – Not using good practice materials may affect your score.
  • Comparison between fellow candidates – Comparing your score with other students can only bring more pressure to the table.
Scoring Criteria in PTE Exam

Scoring Criteria in PTE Exam

In this blog I am going to give you a few tips on the Answer Short Questions exercise in the speaking module.

This exercise is the easiest one among the total 5 in the speaking module. Basically, you will be asked a question that could be answered in one or two words. The audio will play the question and as soon as the audio finishes, you can record your answer. If the answer is correct, you will be scored full marks. In a case where you don’t know or are not sure of the answer, just reply back “don’t know”. Its always better to do that rather than stumbling because the software can detect your audio disruption when you pause and can immediately stop your recording. 


In Answer Short Questions, there is an internal scoring of 10 pts to listening and 5 pts to speaking. The only way to tackle this exercise is by trying out maximum number of questions possible. Don’t worry, as most of the questions are on general topics.**


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Last-Minute Tips for PTE Exam

Last-Minute Tips for PTE Exam

General tips:

  • Have the habit of speaking, listening, and reading in English. 
  • Be completely aware of your weak areas and strong areas and practice accordingly.
  • Relax your mind, and give rest to you a day before the exam.
  • On the test day, go to the test center a bit early. Carry your ID proof (passport) and other important documents.
  • Make sure the devices like keyboard, microphone, and headphones are working properly.
  • Pay attention to the timer. 

Speaking Section:

  • Here, the questions will come with a timer.
  • Keeping a good audible tone, not too loud nor too soft and a normal pace of speaking.
  • Do not pause even if you make a mistake. Speak continuously.
  • Practice the pronunciation of the words you find difficult.
  • Train yourself to practice in an environment with a little hustle-bustle.

Writing Section:

  • Manage your time effectively.
  • Write in a structured format.
  • Keep the attention of the word limit 
  • For the question, summarize written text, take note that it should be in one single sentence of 5-75 words. Also, make right use of punctuations.
  • Do not submit your essay even if you have completed it well before the time ends. Review it one last time.

Reading Section:

  • Certain types of questions have negative marking. So make sure you give a good thought before answering those questions. 
  • Reading section tests your grammar skills very well. Do not make any grammar mistakes.
  • Keep track of time.

Listening Section:

  • You will be having an overall time of 45-57 minutes to answer the various types of questions asked. Thus, manage your time between the questions.
  • Pay attention as the audio will be played only once. There is no going back and replaying.
  • You will be having an erasable note board booklet. Take care of the overall time.

So what we gave you is a hint on the general key points to note while you take this test. There are many more points to consider. Kindly check our website to know more!