In this question, you will hear an audio and select the correct summary from a number of options given to you. The key skills tested in this are your Listening ability as well as your Reading ability. 

You should focus on understanding the theme of the audio. This has two benefits – it will give you a better idea of what you are about to listen to, and it will also help you shortlist options while listening. Some people just try to catch some words and then have a difficult time remembering how the words relate to each other. 

Take some notes and at the same time visualize what you are listening to. Once the audio ends, read the summary options in detail and look for the ones which carry the key points that you remember and that are in your notes. The option that includes all or most of the key points mentioned in the audio is the one that is correct. 


  • Read the options beforehand.
  • Listen with the intent of understanding.
  • Take notes.
  • Keep the options in mind when listening.
  • Use your visual memory.
  • Confirm each option in the end.



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