There are different types of Fill in the blanks questions that come in the PTE Academic Reading module. The first type is drag and drop. The second most important task. It contributes a lot of marks and has good weightage. Roughly around 2-5 questions of this type. This task can unnecessarily consume more time of yours if you do not approach it in the right manner. To ace this task, you need speed and accuracy. 


Always start with the first blank. Look at the blank and notice where it appears in the sentence. Ask yourself, what kind of information is missing from that sentence? Does the sentence need a person, place, an action, an event, etc.? You can also go by the grammatical rules and ask yourself if the sentence needs a noun, verb, etc.

Then look at the given options and shortlist the ones which might fit into that blank. Next, you should put each in the blank and see if the sentence makes sense. If you are not able to shortlist any blank, you have no option but to try out all options one by one. 

  1. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on this task.
  2. Take care of the technicalities.
  3. Use knowledge of grammar.
  4. Develop good vocabulary.
  5. The collocation of words to rescue.
  6. Try the elimination strategy.
  7. Learn the right use of words that have a similar meaning.

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