PTE Reorder paragraph PTE Reorder paragraph

PTE Reorder Paragraphs

The Reading section of the PTE exam consists of five question types which include Reading Fill in the Blanks, Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks, Reorder Paragraphs, Multiple choice Multiple answers and Multiple choice Single answers.

In this article, we will be discussing Reorder Paragraphs – Tips on how to perform this task and how to improve this question type.

What to expect in this question type?

You can get around 2 to 3 questions of this type in the test. Reorder paragraph will test your reading capabilities. It is one of the moderate priority question types. Your ability to grasp how an academic text is organised will be assessed in the Re-order paragraphs section. If you correctly place all the text boxes, you will receive the highest possible score for the question. However, partial credit scoring is applied if the order of one or more text fields is incorrect. You get scores based on the number of pairs you make in each question. The scoring is 1 point for every pair, which contributes 5.9 out of 90 in the Reading section.

You will be given 4 to 5 paragraphs on one side in a random order, and you are expected to get the correct order on the other side. The good thing about this question is, you don’t need to get the entire order correct to get the score, you can just make pairs and you get points for as many pairs as you have made.

How can you improve in this question?

  • Skim and scan all the text boxes – First step is to skim the text. Remember, you only get a limited time frame to solve the question, so be quick. Your main motto is to find the main idea through skimming the paragraphs.
  • Start by finding the topic sentence – It makes it easy for us to find the logical sense once we know the first sentence of the text. So, try to find clues while skimming so that you have the topic statement in place.
  • Find the link between the sentences – Next step would be to find the logical flow of sentences. Starting with the topic sentence, try finding clues to link the sentences. Some of the clues would include:
  • Noun – Pronoun
  • Past – Present
  • Use of articles
  • Word clues
  • Find the conclusion: Try finding the keywords that make the concluding statement. Sometimes it is simple to find the concluding statement, for example, words like finally, lastly, In conclusion etc.
  • Once the order is done, read the text to check if you haven’t missed anything – Proofreading is key to score in the reading section. To solve this question, make sure you don’t spend a lot of time. You can spend around 2 to 3 minutes for each question. (TIP: try reading the final order and interpreting it in your own language, that can give you an idea of whether the order that you’ve got is correct)

Practice is key. It takes time to understand and find the link between the sentences. The more you practice, the faster you get. Remember, time is of the essence here.


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