Firstly, you can break PTE retell lecture down into three parts; listening, note-taking and retelling. Some tips for this exercise are:

  • Take quality, legible notes – Use the erasable notepads. Some test-takers take notes hurriedly and their handwriting suffers. When it’s time to re-tell, they struggle to understand their own handwriting. When retelling, don’t add anything to most notes. Put a full stop. Keep them short.
  • Try to improve note-taking speed – You may use flowcharts, abbreviations, or shortcut methods.
  • Keep an eye on the timer –  While you are writing, keep track of the timer, so that you know you’re on track.
  • Avoid unnecessary pauses – If you are making a pause or gap for more than 3 seconds, the mic will stop automatically.
  • Use connectors – Use ‘furthermore’, ‘moreover’, ‘firstly’, ‘in addition’ etc. as fillers.
  • Use quality templates – Templates give you the basic structure of re-telling the lecture. 
  • Extra – 
    • Read English language newspapers and read Science Daily. Listen to news audio. Another thing you should do is listen to TED talks.
    • Write down new words that you find while reading/ listening (their meanings, collocations, and other forms). Then spend a few minutes two or three times a day reviewing the lists. 

Sample Template:

  • The speaker was discussing TOPIC
  • First: He/She mentioned KEYWORD 1
  • Second: He/She described KEYWORD 2
  • Third: He/She talked about KEYWORD 3
  • Fourth: He/She discussed KEYWORD 4
  • Fifth: He/She suggested that KEYWORD 5