In the Read Aloud Exercise, you will be analyzed for 2 parts: Reading and Speaking with 30 marks for Reading and 20 for speaking. Scoring is in 3 categories – Content, Oral Fluency, and Pronunciation  All these contribute 5 points each to the exercise thus adding up to a total score of 15 points.

  • Content – Scoring for content means you do not add, skip, or replace any words. 
  • Oral Fluency – It is a measure of how smooth and naturally delivered your response is. The scoring depends on the rhythm, stress, and phrasing of your speech. For best results, try to speak at a natural speed – neither too fast, nor too slow – with proper phrasing.
  • Pronunciation – The only catch here is that the words spoken by you should be understandable to maximum regular speakers of the English language. This means you should speak very loud and clear.

Tips to Maximise Your Score:

  1. Use the 40 seconds of preparation time like a trial run, where you survey the text, the places where there are punctuation marks. 
  2. Make mental notes of where you need to pause, the words you need to stress upon, etc.
  3. Use proper stress on words carrying vital information.
  4. Don’t speak before the tone and try to finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end.
  5. If the microphone does not hear anything for more than 3 seconds, then the recording will stop.