In this blog I am going to give you a few tips on the Summarize Written Text exercise in the writing module.


I will give us a brief overview of this exercise. Different from the regular scoring criteria, Summarize written texts focus on 5 categories namely – Content, Form, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Spelling.


Content means you must include 4 or 5 keywords in the paragraph. When you read the paragraph, try to understand the topic on which the paragraph is written on and try to bring up with few keywords that closely associate with it. Content contributes 2 pts.


The form specifies the word limit of the summary we are writing which is 5-75 words.** Here you must make sure that you do not exceed the word limit and also do not go below the minimum range. If both conditions are not met, you will be scored zero on the total 1 pts that form contributes.


To score for vocabulary, make sure there is no repetition of words. Also, make sure you do not make any grammar or spelling mistakes. All these contribute 2 pts each and you will lose a pt for every mistake that you make.


The most important point to note is that the final answer needs to be only a single sentence. So, you will get 2-3 questions with 10 minutes per question. There is a shortcut to tackle this exercise. To know that please do watch the first video and visit our website. 


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