In this blog I am going to give you a few tips on the Describe Image exercise in the speaking module. 

Basically, an image would be displayed on the screen and a preparation time of 25 seconds will be given to you. Within this prep time, you will have to frame sentences in your mind that could possibly describe the image shown on the screen. After the prep time, you will hear a beep to start your recording which would last for a time period of 40 seconds. To tackle the exercise, you might need a spontaneous language constructing ability.


It is critical that you understand the score distribution. You will be analyzed on Content, Pronunciation, and Oral Fluency. You can maximize your score in Oral Fluency by speaking continuously and can maximize your score in Pronunciation if you speak very loud and clear with stressing the words correctly and taking in to account the correct techniques to deal with vowels, consonants, connected sentences, etc. For content make sure you describe the image rather than labeling it. So you will be scored based on how well you will describe the image. All the 3 sections contribute 5 pts each thus adding up to a total of 15 pts. 


There will be different types of images you will get including general bar charts, double bar charts, Maps, Line charts, Pie charts, Multiple graphs, diagrams, processes, tables, etc. There will be 6-7 questions in this exercise. 


There is an easy method through which you can tackle this exercise. This is by generalizing your description content into 3 parts – Introductory sentence, Image Description, and Concluding Sentence. Both the introduction and conclusion must only take up to 5-10 seconds each and the Image description should be around only 25 seconds so that you do not cross the time limit. 


There is also an easy method to approach this exercise. You can create a basic template of your content for all the 3 subparts. To get our template, please do sign up at In conclusion, this exercise contributes 25 internal points to Speaking. If you are looking for any help, or a mentor to guide you through your preparation, Englishfirm is always there for you. For all face to face classes, you can book a free session at website. If you just need a mentor. to evaluate and give feedback for all your reading, speaking, listening & writing sections, please email us at We will assign you a free PTE mentor.  So, please sign up and check out to know more! Thank you for tuning in!

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