Nowadays, most students are opting for unlimited PTE courses. However, the main question that arises here is that ‘Is Unlimited Courses Really Worth Your Money’ and answer is NO. Students are being conned by big institutes into believing that unlimited course will help them get their result where in fact the story is totally different. Big institutes charge almost double for the unlimited courses where they teach the same thing over again and again. The unlimited courses are a scam to make students believe that they can get their score no matter how many times they try whereas in PTE after preparing once and getting the correct guidance a student is able to score their desired result. All a student requires is accurate assistance and qualified supervision and they can get the desired score in one go itself.

Englishfirm is one of the institutes whose sole purpose is to see students get their score in first go itself. Almost 98% of Englishfirm students get their desired result at first instance itself. Students aiming for 65+ tend to get 79+ as the teaching methods in Englishfirm are of the highest quality. The Englishfirm believes in student rather than money making model. The individual classes emphasizes on all the strength and weakness of a student. The courses are tailored to meet the students desired result. Unlike Unlimited Scam that keep asking students to pay for the same things again and again Englishfirm aims to get the result in first attempt itself.


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