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PTE comprises of number of important questions. As time is limited it is utmost crucial to spend the time carefully. Lots of student loose marks due to spending more time on unimportant section in comparison to important ones. For instance multiple choice in Reading sections provide less than 5 marks where as Reading and Writing Fill in Blanks give almost 50% of the entire reading section marks. Mostly student concentrate more on insignificant question and in the end doesn’t have enough time to do the important ones. Here, Englishfirm has comprised a list of important questions that one should be prepared with before entering into the exam hall. The important question in order of priority is listed below


  1. Repeat Sentence
  2. Write From Dictation
  3. R&W: Fill In the Blanks
  4. Read Aloud


  1. Summarize Spoken Text
  2. Describe Image
  3. Re-tell Lecture
  4. Summarize Written Text
  5. Highlight Incorrect Words
  6. R:Fill In the Blanks
  7. L:Fill In the Blanks


  1. Write Essay
  2. Answer Short Question
  3. Reorder Paragraph


  1. R:MCQ: Multiple Answer
  2. Highlight Correct Summary
  3. L:MCQ: Multiple Answer
  4. R:MCQ: Single Answer
  5. L:MCQ: Single Answer
  6. Select Missing Word

The important question per section break up is given below:

Speaking Section

As scoring is interrelated in PTE, Speaking becomes one of the most scoring section of the PTE Exam. In PTE Speaking one should concentrate on Read Aloud, Repeat Sentences, Describe Image and Re-tell Lecture. These four topic make the crux of PTE and to get high score in PTE it is very crucial to do well in these four questions.

Listening Section

Listening Section tends to be at times more confusing to student as it consists of more unimportant questions than important ones. So, it is advisable to manage time really well in Listening. The most important question in Listening is Write from Dictation (WFD). In order to get good score in PTE it is crucial to ace Write From Dictation. Apart from WFD, Summarize Spoken Text, Fill in the Blanks (FIB) and Highlight Incorrect Words (HIW) are the ones on which student should pay their most attention.

Reading Section

Coming to reading section which most of the students dread. However, it is actually all about timings for reading. One should focus more on Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks, Reading Fill in the Blanks and Re order Paragraphs to get  the maximum score on Reading.

Writing Section

Writing in general contributes least score to PTE. However, it is one of the easiest section to get the highest score in as one should be prepared because of the easy template provided by Englishfirm Parramatta. In Wrting the important questions come from Summarize Written Text and Write Essay.

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