The PTE examination consists of four main modules as Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Among these modules, Reading Aloud is one out of the 20 question types, which appear as the first question in the desktop screen at a Formal PTE examination.

Many students regard this question type to be a very simple one just because of the unawareness of its utmost importance and prominence in getting a good score in the PTE examination.

In Reading Aloud, you’ll see some text on the screen, in which you’ll have 30-40 seconds to read the text, comprehend it and to prepare your response. After the preparation time, the microphone will open up where you will then have 30-40 seconds to speak up and record the answer.

This question type contributes a large quantity of marks to both the speaking and reading modules in a similar manner which is why this question type beholds much importance. How well you accomplish the reading aloud task depends on how natural and comfortable you come across in your spoken response. Therefore, if you read the content properly with minimal mistakes, good fluency, correct punctuation and pauses, appropriate emphasis and flow of speech, it will guarantee you a high score.

The main traits scored in reading aloud are content, pronunciation and oral fluency. Therefore, to conquer this type of question,

  • Pause at commas, full stops and conjunctions such as and, but etc.
  • Pick few words to emphasize from the text just the right amount.
  • Vary your tone as you read through. Start with a high tone and end with a lower tone to give a natural outlook.
  • Practice daily and be confidence. Your confidence reflects your ability to voice a text.
  • Speak loudly and clearly for the software to access your voice accurately.

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