Crack PTE Crack PTE

When it comes to PTE, many students believe that reading books or particularly reading text books will help them out to achieve their target scores in the PTE examination.


What is the actual purpose of reading?

  • Reading only helps you out to polish up your vocabulary in English and helps to enhance a persons’ language fluency.

But is that what PTE requires?

  • The simplest answer is NO.

Many students believe that “I speak great English, I have top marks in English at school and I practice with my friends all the time! An English proficiency test should be a piece of cake!” Here is the problem with that logic: English proficiency tests are not just about English.

Remember, the PTE exam exists to assess your ability to operate in a completely English environment, be it a workplace, a university or a training program, and to do this you must be skilled at critical thinking, social interaction and problem-solving.

As this quote says, “It is one thing to speak another language. It’s another to be yourself in another language”.

This is why exactly many students go wrong in their first attempt in PTE because of over confidence, less practice and inadequate guidance,

PTE exam is not about learning from reading, but rather an exam based on tips and tricks which you should learn and practise with proper guidance.

So in simple words, reading is a great way to enhance language abilities but not a strategy to score great in language testing examinations as PTE.