Do I need to read books to clear PTE?

Do I need to read books to clear PTE?

When it comes to PTE, many students believe that reading books or particularly reading text books will help them out to achieve their target scores in the PTE examination.


What is the actual purpose of reading?

  • Reading only helps you out to polish up your vocabulary in English and helps to enhance a persons’ language fluency.

But is that what PTE requires?

  • The simplest answer is NO.

Many students believe that “I speak great English, I have top marks in English at school and I practice with my friends all the time! An English proficiency test should be a piece of cake!” Here is the problem with that logic: English proficiency tests are not just about English.

Remember, the PTE exam exists to assess your ability to operate in a completely English environment, be it a workplace, a university or a training program, and to do this you must be skilled at critical thinking, social interaction and problem-solving.

As this quote says, “It is one thing to speak another language. It’s another to be yourself in another language”.

This is why exactly many students go wrong in their first attempt in PTE because of over confidence, less practice and inadequate guidance,

PTE exam is not about learning from reading, but rather an exam based on tips and tricks which you should learn and practise with proper guidance.

So in simple words, reading is a great way to enhance language abilities but not a strategy to score great in language testing examinations as PTE.

English Firm- The 2019 Story Line

English Firm- The 2019 Story Line

As the year of 2019 comes to an end, we are proud to state the stories of successful accomplishments by our students who gained aid and guidance in achieving their target scores in the exams of PTE, NAATI and IELTS from English Firm.

We are proud of the targets we’ve achieved throughout the year with a vast number of students achieving 79+ in the PTE examinations eventually adding up 20 whole points for their immigration purposes.

With the elevated achievements we are strongly expanding over Sydney as well as in other regions of Australia and inclining to much recognition among the other institutes In the educational industry.

Moreover, other than exam oriented sessions, we have also been successful in guiding our students who need to improve their everyday English skills through our General English courses as well as providing services related to residency through our immigration services.

Anyone who requires complete guidance in achieving your target scores in PTE and other international examinations are welcomed to acquire services from us and we are willing and give you the guarantee of complete satisfaction.

PTE- Changes in the year 2019

PTE- Changes in the year 2019

The focus of the PTE Academic exam pattern 2019 is for aspirants who plan to study abroad but hail from countries where English is not the native language. PTE Academic 2019 test measures candidates on four language skill sets, namely writing, speaking, reading, and listening. According to the PTE Academic 2019 test pattern, the writing and the speaking modules are integrated into one; Reading and Listening modules are designed separately.

One of the obvious changes which occurred after June 10th 2019, after the introduction of the new scoring guide and the curriculum, was the change in the array of question order in the Reading module as follows;

1. Reading and Writing – Fill in the blanks
2. MCQ- Multiple answer
3. Reorder paragraph
4. Reading- Fill in the blanks (drag and drop)
5. MCQ – Single Answer

This change led the students to prepare more precisely giving more priority to the important questions as per the sequences of questions presented and to allocate appropriate amount of time needed for the specific questions which eventually led to the elevation in the score rates in students in the year 2019.

PTE – A general insight for beginners

PTE – A general insight for beginners

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Academic is a globally recognized English language test designed for candidates seeking for permanent residency and for those who are looking forward to study abroad in a leading university.

Basically, PTE consists of 4 modules in the order of Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening which are inter-related to each other which is a distinguishable difference between other English tests like IELTS and TOEFL in comparison with PTE.

This computerized test includes a wide variety of questions within the allocated modules summing up to a maximum final mark of 90, in which the least score is 10 marks.

The order of priority of the question types can be summarized as follows;

By considering the priority of question types, main focus should be given to highest scoring questions and less attention should be given to least scoring questions, but none should be omitted or neglected since every point counts to the final mark.

In order to achieve the target mark, necessary practice and guidance is extremely needed. In simple words, thorough guidance and repeated practice is the proven way of gaining a higher mark of 79+ and above.

Currently, sites like realpte and apeuni are the most popular platforms which are recommended for practice in order to boost practice as well as confidence.

It is advisable to sit for PTE mock tests before booking for the exam as much as possible in order to familiarize yourself with the format of the exam as well as the questions.

After taking the exam, usually the results will be released within 5 working days which reflects the effective and efficient nature of the PTE examination.