Enabling skills plays a significant role in getting high score in PTE exam and if you are planning to give PTE, it is of utmost importance to polish your enabling skills. These skills can play a crucial role in making you get your desired result. The following Enabling Skills are tested and scored:

  • Grammar
  • Oral Fluency
  • Pronunciation
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Written Discourse

As these skills majorly influence one’s score in PTE. English firm has presented some pointers to consider for the improvement of Enabling skills which will be beneficial to you to achieve your desired result.

  1. Grammar. Appropriate language usage, sticking to word format, correct word order at the sentence level.
  2. Oral fluency. Smooth, effortless and natural-paced delivery of speech.
  3. Pronunciation. Speech that is loud and clear, easily understandable to regular as well as native speakers. Regional or national varieties of English pronunciation are considered correct to the degree that they are easily understandable to most regular speakers of the language.
  4. Spelling. Following one spelling rules either British or American. Not writing a word whose spelling you are not confident at.
  5. Vocabulary. Appropriate choice of words used to express meaning, as well as lexical range.
  6. Written discourse. Correct and communicatively efficient production of written language at the word-based level. Written discourse skills are characterized as internal coherence, logical development, and the range of linguistic resources used to express meaning accurately.

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