PTE is an approximately three hours exam and this three hours can either make or break your VISA requirements. Hence, time management in PTE is of utmost importance. Just like in life not every situation deserves your full attention because they might not be important or critical to your needs, in PTE too not every questions deserve the full time.

Not only questions are of different marking but also spending precious minutes on unimportant ones will decrease your time from important ones. Also, not to disregard some tasks require more attention and concentration than others. 

PTE Speaking and writing questions are individually time bound where as PTE Reading and Listening have an overall time 32-41 minutes and 45-57 minutes respectively. This overall time is divided into both crucial and irrelevant tasks,

One minute prioritized well can give that boost to your score that you have been looking for. One minute spend well can get you on the other side of your desired score. One minute utilized correctly can be that one mark that you were struggling for. 

We at English firm cannot emphasize enough on time management that goes into PTE exam. Time management is a critical aspect of PTE exam. Even if you are well prepared for the exam or your English is inherently good but if you don’t know the scoring criteria and the time spent per question especially in Reading and Listening section it will bring your score down. Thus, it is imperative to make a study plan, practicing with the scored practice test and to evaluate your performance to work with focus on the weak areas.