More often than not people planning to pursue their higher studies or set up a career abroad have to clear English language proficiency tests. They are faced with the conundrum of whether they should attempt the exam through self preparation or take guided coaching. Here, I will be talking about the important things one should pay attention to when he/she decides to take guided coaching for clearing PTE.

Guided coaching is usually suggested for people who find it difficult to understand and converse in English. If you find difficulty in speaking and writing English without grammatical errors it is better to take professional help as grammar and pronunciation plays a crucial role in PTE and largely impacts your score. Hence, to be on the safer side it’s better to go for guided coaching. Once you decide to go with professional training to crack PTE, the next important step is to take a decision on whether you need face to face classes or online classes. Both these classes are offered by a number of institutes. Now, here the choice is completely subjective as only the person planning to take the training can decide on what kind of class would be more effective for him/her. For some people online classes might seem more convenient due to their busy work or distance etc. For them online class is a saving grace as they will be able to attend the class in their convenient time and place. While for some people, face to face classes might seem more effective.

The next step is to decide what kind of class you want. There are a plethora of options like one on one class, limited group classes and unlimited group class. One on one class ensures that you have the trainer’s complete undivided attention. The group classes are also efficient at the same time. A plus point about the group class is that it is more economical. Again, here the choice lies with you. Choose an option that would help you study PTE the best way possible.

The next big step is choosing the institute to study.  Proper research has to be done regarding this before you take a decision. This is because, no matter what coaching you opt for, if the quality of the coaching is not up to mark, the time and money spend will go into drain. There will be a myriad of institutes to choose from. The first and foremost thing is to check the success rate of the institute you are planning to join. Make sure that the result claimed by the institute is authentic as well. Another way to choose the institute to study is by enquiring with students who are undergoing PTE coaching. This is important because, the institute can claim that it provides the best training and the reality can be quite different. So it is always better to ask other students regarding the coaching to be on the safer side. Choose institutes that provide you free demo class because it is a foolproof way to know whether the coaching would be helpful to you. Once you attend a class from them, you will get a clear picture on how the coaching would be.

These are few of the things to be focused when you decide to take professional coaching for PTE.  Hope this will help you to take the right decision and pave way to your success.

Nishita – Englishfirm student , Sep’19


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